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Sanjay Suri chat

Sanjay Suri has a lot to cheer about. His new film Jhankar Beats is creating ripples while his performances in Filhaal and Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi have been well received. Unlike his other model turned actor colleagues, being taken seriously as an actor was not very difficult. Read transcript of a chat with him held on May 30.

india Updated: Jun 12, 2003 19:25 IST

tanyacute: I heard that you recently got married? Why don't you tell us something about yourwife?
Sanjay_Suri: Yes, I did get married and am lucky to get a great wife. She is doing her masters in psychology.

shobha: How do you think will Jhankar Beats fare at the box office?
Sanjay_Suri: I think it should do well and we all are hoping for the best. Need you all to go and see the film in the theatres.

lehren: How did you get your first break? What's the reason for your success?
Sanjay_Suri: It's a long story but to cut it short, I kept trying. I started with modelling, then moved to television and finally landed up in movies. All through I was very focussed and determined.

vikashandu: What, according to you, is the reason for Filhaal not doing well?
Sanjay_Suri: Filhaal was a medium budget film and recovered its investment. But yes, it wasn't a box office success. I guess people weren't ready to accept a subject like that. It did do well overseas though.

ramannie: What are your forthcoming films?
Sanjay_Suri: Jhankar Beats, followed by Pinjar, Insaaf and Plan.

ronita: I read somewhere that you were personally affected by terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. What do you think Government's strategy should be to make Kashmir a peaceful place? What role should everyone play in making things better?
Sanjay_Suri: Yes, I did leave Kashmir lock, stock and barrel. There has to be a definite political will to solve the issue and assurance for the safe return of migrants like us. People must feel the pain of the Kashmiris and not treat it like 'its happening somewhere else'. But I wish I knew the solution myself!

sw_jani: You look great! You also have a sense of maturity. What do you think sets you aside from others?
Sanjay_Suri: Thanks for the compliments. I just believe in what I do, that's all. I guess I am a thinking actor.

ramannie: Heard your role in Pinjar is a really good one. Which of your role do you feel is the best to date?
Sanjay_Suri: I am looking forward to Pinjar. I play a scholar, poet and a secular man in the pre-partition times. But I am still looking for that great role.

smita: You look like a very nice guy in your movies and photos. How are you as a person?
Sanjay_Suri: Well, a bit of that reflects, I guess. But remember that in movies I am playing a character. Personally I am less serious and may be funny too.

girish: What was the controversy about Jhankar Beats and Dil Vil Pyar Vyar (DVPV)?
Sanjay_Suri: It was not about the similarity between the two films. It was more about whose idea it was to actually use R.D. Burman's music in the film. DVPV used it and Jhankar Beats has new music, that's all.

isha: What kind of roles are you looking forward too? Will you ever do a villain's role?
Sanjay_Suri: I enjoy doing something which is completely different from my personality. It could be of any genre. Yes, I am discussing some negative roles.

shiba: What role does the media play in causing controversies about actors and Bollywood? Do you think media has something to do with the current poor performance of the movies?
Sanjay_Suri: Media and Bollywood go hand in hand. We both need each other. I think it just has to be more responsible. It needs to give news and not pass judgments before the actual judgment day. The poor performance of movies is due to many factors - poor scripts, stories and performances. Can't blame the media there.

ramannie: What do you do in your free time?
Sanjay_Suri: I play games, travel, watch movies, photography and cook. All that takes up a lot of my time!

jaison: What is the secret of your personality?
Sanjay_Suri: I don't have a secret. I just believe in being myself and in integrity of character.

ridhima: Why do you think movies from the big banners are not doingwell these days?
Sanjay_Suri: A banner alone cannot make a film successful. One needs good stories, good direction, good performances and sensible/commercial cinema.

ramannie: Whom would you rate as the best actor and actress in the cine industry?
Sanjay_Suri: Well, I do not have any favourites as such. I go for favourite performances instead.

akram: How do you choose which movie you should do?
Sanjay_Suri: Script and the director are the two main decision-making factors followed by the producer.

rubydecosta: How did the industry treat you as a newcomer?
Sanjay_Suri: I had my share of struggle days and realised it much later that the struggle never really ends. Ha! But I was welcomed.

ramannie: If you get a chance in a South Indian film will you accept it?
Sanjay_Suri: Yes, I will.

pallavi: You are a tremendous talent. How did you get to be such a good actor?
Sanjay_Suri: Thank you very much for the compliment. I am not a trained actor. My approach is very simple. Just feel the character, know your background, feel it and do it, that's all.

irfan: Don't you think that you are only being offered multi-starrer movies and there is no scope to do anything on your own?
Sanjay_Suri: Well, that's the trend these days.

RidhimaSood: Bollywood stars don't have a happy marriage. What's your secret?
Sanjay_Suri: It would be unfair to say that. Marriage in any profession can go wrong if it's not meant to be. Why blame Bollywood?

keyofcinema: What is Plan all about? What kind of character do you play in it?
Sanjay_Suri: Plan is a comic thriller. It's about four boys. I play a gambler in the film.

satyaki: Will you ever go back to Kashmir?
Sanjay_Suri: I don't know. But I still refer to it as my home.

shilpa: How was like acting in Jhankar Beats, your first comedy?
Sanjay_Suri: I loved acting in it. It's a cool film. I enjoyed doing a light film and my first attempt at comedy.

junaid2000b: What is your future plan?
Sanjay_Suri: I really don't plan so much; but in the near future, I want to do quality films and establish myself as an actor and follow no formula. I want to put in a lot of hard work.

simplegirl123: How would you describe yourself?
Sanjay_Suri: I would call myself simple, straightforward, sensitive and adventurous.

vivek: Does an actor develop any intimacy with his co-stars? What's been your experience?
Sanjay_Suri: Well, it is possible but not a rule. One can avoid it if one doesn't want it. I have no such experience.

gruchig: How was it working with Juhi Chawla?
Sanjay_Suri: She was a great co-actor.

ramannie: Do you believe in God?
Sanjay_Suri: Yes, I do believe in Him. I am a God-loving but not God-fearing man.

dimple: You have a good voice. Did you every try your hand at singing?
Sanjay_Suri: I just sing in the car but never tried it professionally.

bkvashisht: How did you enter films?
Sanjay_Suri: Well, I tried hard and worked single-mindedly.

simplegirl123: What type of girls do you like?
Sanjay_Suri: Honesty and sense of humour are traits I look for in any girl.

juicyspicy: What is the story of Jhankar Beats? The film seems interesting. The songs are catchy.
Sanjay_Suri: Jhankar works at three levels - personal, professional and the passionate. It's a believable and humorous tale - three men working towards winning a competition with their personal problems and shortcomings. The treatment is light.

First Published: May 29, 2003 17:51 IST