Say "yes" to dance bars!

Surfers throw their weight behind Bombay HC and applaud the verdict.

india Updated: Apr 14, 2006 11:52 IST

Responding to the Bombay High Court's verdict on the dance bar ban, our surfers extended their support.

They stated in no uncertain terms that banning dance bars was a very impractical and retrogressive act on the part of Maharashtra government.

Peoplecountered Maharashtra's Deputy Chief Minister's contention that dance bars were nothing but veiled prostitution which is practised in today's world.

Banning these bars will do no good. Instead, accepting it and getting on with life would be a better option.

Surjeet from Londonwent onto say that it was a very good decision.

"When the police did not get their "haftas", they decided to stop this trade. It works in many other metros, then why not Mumbai? It is employingvast range of people and help them earn their bread and butter."

Jacs from Dubai was of the opinion that since the government could not provide these women with alternate jobs, it had no locus standi to talk of a ban.

"This verdict at least helps them not to opt for more harsh things like prostitution. If the government couldn't rehabilitate them, it should just keep quiet."

Geetha from New Delhi expresses what other youth feel.

"Yes. This is a welcome move. Our political, social and religious police need to re-orient themselves to the new reality and step in with the times. Morality is out, human rights is in."

On a lighter vein, Salar Ahmad from Islamabad seem to comment a shared legacy in South Asia.

"Yes, we support the verdict whole-heartedly. There was no sense in the ban imposed by some self-appointed custodians of public morality. As it is our country lacks fun and frolic; to ban what little we have would, contrary to common misconception, be harmful to society in general."

Oh, oh!

Azizul Haque from Montreal, Canada also thought it was a very wise decision.

"Indians were the laughing stock of the world for banning the bar girls. I am so happy with this decision."

Sudir from Muscat, Oman had rather disparaging words to say against state Chief Minsiter R R Patil.

He articulates, "Patil's a rural guy. What does he know about cosmopolitan city atmosphere?"

Nitin from Delhi too felt the closing down of bars was a harsh decision.

"It's a great decision taken by Bombay High Court for those people who were associated with this profession and have been unemployed since."

It wasn't as if there weren't people speaking in favour of the ban.

"I am not in favour of lifting of ban. This is not a healthy trend which is emerging," says AK Bobin from Delhi.

Salim from Riyadh felt it was a bad verdict. "Govt can give those effected new opportunities for their survival. Many innocent girls can be saved."

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First Published: Apr 14, 2006 11:43 IST