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Silent saints amidst us

Spiritual elevation is a must for a man because without it a person never experiences fullness in life.
None | By INNER VOICE | Satish Kumar
PUBLISHED ON JUL 27, 2006 01:10 PM IST

National calamities evoke pity in us. When accidents occur, we curse our destiny or the victims' fate. But we get angry or even revengeful when any wilful attack is made or a cool and calculated murder, a rape or a dacoity is committed. But revenge is a wild kind of justice, as Francis Bacon puts it.

Contemporary society naturally gets worried about wrongdoing in its midst. And the public awakening over the spurt in crimes is a happy augury of concerned action.

But have we ever thought of those bad events, which were to happen or planned for execution but had been prevented just because there are men and women of scruple amidst us who stand up against anything immoral or unlawful?

Many such incidents go unreported or even unnoticed because what does not happen is not news.

In today's time, both the electronic media and the print media are also doing their bit in reforming society by running spiritual discourses in their journals or on television. Spiritual elevation is a must for a man because without it a person never experiences fullness in life.

Once an American who had earned everything, name, fame and wealth (he had occupied a good position in society, had travelled far and wide throughout the world a number of times, had a good bank balance and a nice family), said that he didn't know what to do next because he had everything. But his heart still felt some kind of a vacuum. What did it lack? Divinity?

And what is divinity? To make weeping people laugh is divinity; to give food to the hungry is divinity and to impart education to the illiterate poor. In sum, to get a man out of his grief is divinity.

We are to recognise and admire those who do this silently: the saints amidst us. As someone said, "Aag lagi aakash mein aur jhar jhar gire angaar/Sant na hote jagat mein to jal marta sansaar." (There is strife everywhere, but without saints around, this world would have collapsed).

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