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Singh cannot wish the Kashmir problem away

Khushwant Singh is a master of lies and distortions (We cannot afford to have another exchange of people, With malice towards one and all, November 14).

india Updated: Nov 20, 2010 23:10 IST
Hindustan Times

Singh cannot wish the Kashmir problem away

Khushwant Singh is a master of lies and distortions (We cannot afford to have another exchange of people, With malice towards one and all, November 14). If Arundhati Roy has every right to say what she wants, then why are Congress leaders making so such noise about what RSS leader KS Sudarshan said about Sonia Gandhi? If Kashmir only acceded to India, not merged, then all 600 princely states have the same status because every ruler signed the same papers. Also, there is nothing strange about the fact that people belonging to a particular state might prefer their regional identity above their national one.

Mahadev, via email


Kashmir may be a boring subject for Khushwant Singh but it is of central importance for the Kashmiris. They have been struggling for a long time and have sacrificed a lot. Instead of wishing the problem away, it would be wise for Mr Singh to accept the ground reality which is the Kashmiris’ struggle for their right to self-determination.

Riaz Kashmiri, via email

The old RSS order must give way to youth

In his column(The BJP's hostage to off-the-wall masters, Counterpoint, November 14) Vir Sanghvi points out how the BJP has always been controlled by the RSS and has failed to act independently. Even allotment of ministries has been decided by the RSS patriarchs. If the BJP wants to succeed politically, it has to come out of the shadow of the RSS, get rid of the old men’s brigade and bring in young leaders to the forefront.

Saptarshi Das, Kolkata


The derogatory remarks made by KS Sudarshan against Congress president Sonia Gandhi has only brought a bad name to the RSS, which always claims to have been played a vital role in nation-building since its inception. Thankfully, both the RSS and BJP wasted no time in distancing themselves from the remarks.

Amar Upadhyay, via email


Sanghvi has rightly condemned the remarks made by senior RSS leader KS Sudarshan. Eminent elders are meant to provide prudent advice to integrate people, not hurl insults. Such remarks need to be discarded with the contempt they deserve and warrant no consideration. BJP should distance itself from the RSS and play a part in nation-building.

Sharda Bhargav, via email

Practise, don’t preach

This refers to the column (No moral compass, Sunday Sentiments, November 14) by Karan Thapar. While India should promote democratic movements in the world, our own democracy is threatened by various rebel groups. The government’s top priority should be to protect its people and maintain peace.

Good relations may be maintained with Myanmar’s rulers to protect India’s interests while simultaneously persuading them to grant greater freedom to Aung San Suu Kyi and other civilian leaders.

SC Vaid, via email


Our Government has erred by turning a blind eye to Aung San Suu Kyi’s plight and the atrocities committed by the military regime in Myanmar. But US president Barack Obama has no business admonishing the Indian Government for forgetting its moral duty when the US Government had no qualms hobnobbing with the military regime in Pakistan when Musharraf was in power, given that the latter overthrew a civilian government to come to power. The US continues to ply the Pakistani government with huge sums of money. Obama has no moral right to lecture India.

Ranjana Manchanda, via email

A wide spectrum

With reference to Manas Chakravarty’s article, (Coming clean day, Loose Canon, November14), the writer has once again used his inimitable and witty style to throw light on the hundreds of scams that seem to be plaguing our nation. Chakravarty deserves praise for discussing all possible current events from irregularities in the Commonwealth Games to the Adarsh scam to Barack Obama’s visit to India, as also his funny take on regular newsmakers like Shashi Tharoor and Sarah Palin.

Sonali Agarwal, Jaipur

First Published: Nov 20, 2010 22:58 IST