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Size does not matter!

If you are comfortable with your health and appearence, why should anybody bother you for losing weight. Charlotte Chunawala puts forward the issue.

india Updated: Dec 26, 2006 18:16 IST

Fat, Obese, health, gym…..low-fat, any longer. It carbs, sugar substitute, diet, work-out, aaaaarrrrrrgggggh hhhhh!!! I can’t go on. I can’t bear it seems to me that wherever I go I’m assaulted by conversations (mostly, but not always, with women) about health and weight.

You haven’t had the pleasure of seeing me in all my glory but I am a woman who clearly likes food. I am big, strong and healthy but no one would call me slim.

And I have always been fine with that. Once in a while, I lose three or four kg.

I made the same effort as everyone does to lose a bit when I got married, but basically I am pretty happy with the packaging God gave me.

Or I was.

With all the skinny women in the media, it seems like no one wants to let me be happy with it.

I think all my friends — men as well as women — are on diets and talking about health. But are they really?

We all know people who are walking PhDs in the theory of dieting and calorie-counting, but never practice what they preach.

You know that there are bars of chocolate and ras gollas in every corner of the house and their cook is whip ping up something delicious and twice fried when noone is looking. And the cruelty is that it doesn’t stay a secret. It shows itself to the wide world — ever- widening world — no mat- ter how many designer clothes are trying to cover it.

But isn’t it also sad that the very people who spend most of their waking moments fretting, fussing and negotiating over food and angsting over exercise, the same people who struggle to get into tight clothes, are the very people who could be using all that energy on something more interesting and valuable.

We live in an age where we are blessed not just materially, but where we have so much opportunity We . can work, travel, educate ourselves, do many different kinds of social work that would have a real result in the people’s lives for whom dieting is not a big priority! We live in a city that is bursting with culture, spiritual and social activities and, yet, anyone you meet has only one topic of conversation — weight.

So try this. If you are one of those people who talks about weight all the time, try going an entire day without talking about it once. And let me know what you did instead. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Charlotte Chunawala, a former PR professional, was born in London but now lives in Bandra with her Indian husband. She writes a weekly column on an outsider becoming an insider and looking out at the city.

First Published: Dec 26, 2006 18:16 IST