Stand-up comedy rules the small screen!

India is going crazy over comedy and the stand-up artistes are laughing all the way to the bank.

india Updated: Oct 30, 2006 18:46 IST

Tired of watching deejays or item girls or Bollywood stars? Well, fret no more, as humour is all set to enter the entertainment race.

From Gustakhi Maaf and Double Take on NDTV to the Great Indian Comedy Show and the Great Indian Laughter Champions on Star One, humour is eating a good slice of TRPs in entertainment today. And now stand-up comedy is clearly the next big thing in live entertainment.

Market potential:

DNA Networks, MD, T. Venkat Vardhan, tells us why live humour is such a hit? “Stand-up comedy is the next big thing in the field of live entertainment. Humour is winning appreciation among the Indian audience, thus helping in expanding the market. It also has de-stressing and relaxing elements attached to it. We too are planning to bring in Russell Peters, sometime next year,” says Vardhan.

Ajit Saldanha, CEO, Eventually — the events company that brought down Perrier award winner Phil Nicoles earlier this year and has got Nick Wilty now says, “Humour has the quality of combining the sublime with the ridiculous and thereby finds a connecting chord with almost all types of audiences. We are getting lot of enquiries for stand-up comedians.”

Indian league:
While we have the likes of Ash Chandler, Vir Das and Mahabanoo Kotwal, for the class events, TV shows have given us loads of stand-up comedians for the masses.

Javed Jaffery too has been dabbling with stand-up comedy for quite a while and now joining him are actors Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi. “Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi duo are the most wanted stand-up comedians in the corporate circuit,” says Sachin Mutreja, CEO of RAMS.

“But, stand-up comedy is in nascent stages in India and still isn’t capable of holding an entire show on its shoulders. We need other acts to make a show complete success,” he adds.

Judge speaks:
Stand-up comedian Shekhar Suman feels there is a boom in the trade due to the TV factor. He says, “Humour has always been around but it has now taken a different shape.”

However, he too believes that stand-up come dy still has a long way to go in India as till date not many Indians can tell the difference be tween humour, wit and comedy. Well, no one seems to mind a good laugh!

First Published: Oct 28, 2006 12:21 IST