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Step up the tempo

It’s time to update your playlist with the peppiest workout music and dancercise the kilos away! By Vivani Khurana

india Updated: Dec 13, 2011 13:19 IST

Dance like nobody is watching,” said Mark Twain. Today, you could make this your fitness mantra. Dancercise, the technique of dancing in order to exercise, has helped many women stay in shape. Zumba, its most popular offshoot, focuses on “a fitness dance that is combined with cardio work”, says Sachin Shaniya, Zumba instructor. “A blend of salsa (Latin American) and bhangra (Punjabi folk) gives you a complete workout as the moves involve every part of the body – arms, shoulders, waist, hips
and legs...” he adds. Hip-hop fans can take dancercise classes that incorporate the “dance styles of breaking, locking, popping and krumping, taught to famous rap numbers,” says Bhavana Harchandrai, manager, group ex, Gold’s Gym.

Combination exercises work for most women with weight issues. In a season when partying is the top item on the agenda, extra weight could get in the way of your dancing, but then dance itself can help you drop that weight. “Freestyle, a dance form that involves core workouts like Pilates and energetic choreography, would be the best dancerise for losing weight and having the most fun, considering the wide range of styles in its repertoire,” says Ruchi Pushkarna, choreographer and teacher.

Prepare yourself with a basic playlist and pep up your workouts. Based on the regimen, you could categorise list.

“It improves core strength, flexibility, endurance and alleviates stress. Doing cardio-based exercises improves heart health and also burns weight and increases stamina,” says Komal Sodhi, group exercise manager, Fitness First. Yoga is usually done for concentration and hence without music to help one attain peace and wellbeing. However, you can enjoy a soft background tune.
Gayatri Mantra Dev Pemal
Sunrise Norah Jones
Wonderful Sunsets Kevin Kendle
RaMaDaSa Snatam Kaur
Bonjour Lemongrass
Dream On Café del Mar

“Pilates is very gentle on the body with emphasis on the right posture for day-to-day activities and body alignment,” says Vesna Jacob, Pilates trainer. Focusing on the abdominal, oblique and back muscles, this workout is a slow one with long-term benefits.
It Is Love Nadia Ali
This Is My Life Edward Maya
Let Go Frou Frou
Flavour Nwa Bab
Headlock Imogen Heap
Uh Oh Uh Oh Lumidee

The fun of aerobics is based on dance-like exercises with music in the background. Even your party playlist would do the trick. Aerobics integrates rhythmic movements with stretching and strength-training routines to improve flexibilty, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. One could burn 350-500 calories in an hour.
Take It Off Kesha
Club Can’t Handle Me Flo Rida
Give Me Everything Pitbull
We Speak No Americano Yolanda Be Coo
Sexy and I Know It LMFAO
Rude Boy Rihanna

The most basic form of workout, taking a stroll and gradually increasing the pace to a brisk walk is a must. Wake up early to make the most of the crisp winter, inhale fresh oxygen to freshen up for the day. You can burn 200-300 calories per hour during a brisk walk. From a fast walk, you can graduate to jogging, too, on simalar beats.
Be Happy Mary J Blige
Come Again Kamelia
Fall In Love Tonight Lora
Happy Together Turtles
Pocketful Of Sunshine Natasha Bedingfield
Rehab Amy Winehouse

When you choose to go back to riding a bicycle, you tone thighs and buttocks. Pedalling helps with the quads at the front of the thighs and hamstrings at the back, apart from helping you shed a minimum of 450-500 calories per hour. A fast song prevents you from just cruising and helps you pedal harder.
Born This Way Lady Gaga
Rain Over Me (electro remix by DJ Kiehl) Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony
The Kids MGMT
Firework Katy Perry
Dynamite Tiao Cruz
Alors on Danse Stromae

Targeting a minimum of 550 calories per hour, this Latin-inspired dance workout is great for arms, waist and hips. “A 60-minute class daily gives best results as it tones muscles and sculpts the body without letting you feel the exertion because it’s so much fun,” says Sachin Shaniya, Zumba instructor. For an effective regimen, a
combination of squats, lunges, waist twists and bicep curls could be induced in the Zumba session, too. Remixes are the best bet in such a class, where you need all the rhythm to pep you up.
Moves like Jagger Maroon 5
Tonight I’m Loving You Enrique Iglesias
Cuando Floresca El Chuno Tom Pulse (remix)
Valio La Pena (Salsa Version) Marc Antony
Fuego Kumbia Kings
Drop It Low (Rio)

Belly Dance
The movements in belly dance involve isolating different parts of the body such as hips, shoulders, chest and stomach. It is the core muscles of the body that produce the movement rather than the external muscles. The calories lost would be about 350-500.
Chammak Challo Ra.One
Shiela Ki Jawani Tees Maar Khan
Maiya Maiya Guru
Hips Don’t Lie Shakira
Gypsy Shakira
Didi remix Aic Music

First Published: Dec 13, 2011 12:28 IST