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Stumping Sleazy Superiors!

Shagun Dayal tells you how to handle loathsome men in a fashion that you keep your job safe while shooing them away. Share your experience!

india Updated: Dec 19, 2005 19:55 IST
Shagun Dayal
Shagun Dayal

There's muck everywhere. Beer bellied bosses, crummy clients, and lousy peers, darting out cheesy pick-up lines in official premises. They are omnipresent and women are usually their targets. There are evil men waiting to leap out at the drop of a hat. Most women try to shirk them away. Some extend a cold shoulder, some frantically look for another job, some call it quits and brood at home, and a little percentage winks back to climb up the ladder to success.

The hard fact is to take up the reigns of the situation yourself rather than drowning yourself in a pool of gloom. There's no guarantee that your new work place will be free of slimy creeps, and sitting back home to mourn is not really the solution. It's best to take up cudgels against loathsome men in such a fashion that you keep your job safe while shooing them away.

My friend Ria, a flight attendant with a reputed international airline, tactfully evades those tacky passengers with a smile perennially plastered on the face. She elaborated how one middle-aged man pretended to be dozing off blissfully when she came to attend him. He wanted her to touch and shake him off his sleep. She super-smartly picked up the in-flight magazine, rolled it up and used it as her arm to shatter his reverie. Poor daddy's deadly desires were dashed against the ground!

Sophie has also resolved to tackle these men devising new methods. She works in a PR agency and client servicing is one of her KRAs. A beverage boss wanted to settle matters after working hours over Thai cuisine in a plush pub. She benignly went there only to listen a corny pick up line - " hi baby, is heaven on holiday?" Next time she made sure to talk work roping in any other member of the heaven - Mohandeep, Sudershan or Unnikrishnan!

Manya was shocked to receive a tawdry comment from her senior manager. She was staying back to close sales call one evening when he blurted out "Is it hot in here, or is it just you?" Well she fumed with a lump in her throat, but couldn't cull courage to squash his remarks. In such cases it's advisable to showcase your sterner side to nip it in the bud. Only vibrating negative vibes may not do the trick. A threaten to report it to the top brass may freeze him instantly.

The idea is to brave it. Lecherous men are as common as a bout of fever. It happens to everybody at some point of time. It's individual preference whether you utilize these advances or thwart them. It's best to stump your sleazy superior because they say there is no shortcut to success!

First Published: Nov 15, 2005 19:41 IST