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Sunday letters

In his article Is BJP ready for 2014? (The Big Story, May 13), Shekhar Iyer highlights the uncertainty over the BJP's future brilliantly.

india Updated: May 19, 2012 21:52 IST
Hindustan Times

Divided they fall in the BJP today
In his article Is BJP ready for 2014? (The Big Story, May 13), Shekhar Iyer highlights the uncertainty over the BJP's future brilliantly. The BJP's become its own worst enemy. It's sad that India has neither an authoritative government nor a strong Opposition. If the BJP aspires to win the 2014 general polls, it must work as a national party and not as a group of self-centred individuals.
Anil Sharma, via email

Give Mamata a chance
With reference to Anirban Choudhury's article The change & after (Focus, May 13), it is incorrect to state that West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has failed to bring 'poriborton' in the state. She has taken tough measures against illegal migrants and has exposed the UPA's weaknesses. It's unreasonable to expect her to deliver on all of her poll promises in such a short time.
Ashok Puri, Delhi

It's time to ground AI now
The article Get off the runway (Chanakya, May 13) makes an accurate observation that the government should admit that its core competence is running the country, not an airline. Air India (AI) is suffering today thanks to our politicians' faulty policies and utter disregard for its staff. It is the right time to sell AI to a private operator and do away with the concept of a national carrier, as aviation minister Ajit Singh has suggested. The staff of AI can't be allowed to hold the nation to ransom. Apart from causing inconvenience to passengers, frequent strikes by pilots cost a bomb to the exchequer. The time has come to pull the plug on AI.
GK Arora, Delhi

I endorse Chanakya's views, who, in turn, agrees with the aviation minister's suggestion that a nation as big as India doesn't need a national airline. The Maharaja's debts have piled up over the years due to gross mismanagement on the part of successive governments. It's futile to bail out AI with the recent Rs. 30,000 crore package, as the damage has already been done.
V Subramanyan, via email

The government is responsible for the present mess in the aviation sector. Air India is running only on the government's bailout packages. Frequent strikes by its pilots and engineers have brought shame and disrepute to the nation. Why should the taxpayers' money be used to keep it afloat? The government must get rid of this white elephant and focus on good governance.
OP Tondon, via email

Please mind your language
This refers to Indrajit Hazra's article Mad men (Red Herring, May 13). The use of a swear word in a reputed newspaper like Hindustan Times and by a fine writer like Hazra is unacceptable. The author should be careful, as people from all age groups read HT.
P Bisht, Delhi

It really tickles your funny bone
Manas Chakravarty's article It's the plat du jour (Loose Canon, May 13) is too funny for words. I burst out laughing at the confusion over Mahabharta and Mahabharata and the clever title of Abul Fzal's book - Ain-e-Potato-curry.
Bikash Chakravarty, via email

It's time to try something new
With reference to Karan Thapar's article Under a spelling (Sunday Sentiments, May 13), Thapar should put an end to his lame attempts at impressing readers by writing about the English language in the most insipid and dreariest of ways. I hope he makes an effort to stop writing on topics that do not have mass appeal. This is the third time in the last one year that Thapar has written a dull article on an aspect of the English language, which, I believe, is not new a majority of educated Indians. The author should consider giving his column to a linguistic scientist, who can educate and entertain readers with other fascinating and lesser known aspects of the language.
Antariksh Bothale, via email

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First Published: May 19, 2012 21:49 IST