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Be it the bribe scandel or anything, journalists are trying all that they can to sensationalise news, writes Alekhya Mandadi, Tirupati.

india Updated: Jan 12, 2006 12:40 IST

It is the age of secret video cameras and they are here to stay. Be it the bribe scandal of 11 MPs or Shakti Kapoor's bedroom stint, journalists are trying all that they can to sensationalise news.

Some may perceive it as just another media stint to sell news but some view it as an exposure to the truth. It all started with the Tehelka scandal where top leaders of the then NDA government were caught taking bribe.

Then it got messier when less important news like Shahid-Kareena kiss came to light, which is of relevance to the common man. The private lives of film stars are always under the scanner.

Magazines like stardust, film fare and many other magazines are filled with non-stop non-sense about actors, actresses and producers. We don't need such type of news in our daily newspapers or news channels. Many newspapers cash on this aspect and page 3 becomes the page 1.

People started questioning the media's intervention into peoples' private lives. Should there be media laws? When the camera should roll and when it shouldn't, is a vital question which needs to be addressed.

The obvious answer to this question would be: matters of national relevance should be in the limelight while all the rest should go down the dumps. It is the responsibility of press to filter out all that's unnecessary.

Tehelka scandal really opened doors to the fact even the most senior party members could stoop down to accepting money for favors. From time to time, sting operations must be encouraged to keep the politicians on high alert. Mere media attention on such issues is not enough. The recent expulsions of 11 MPs sends out a clear-cut message that such incidents will not be tolerated. A responsible government with responsible media is what it takes to put the country on the track.

Recently a professor in NIT Warangal was caught asking a girl student for sexual favor. In return she would get all the marks that she wanted. Such type of news should come out in the open so that such criminals get the punishment that they truly deserve otherwise such things will continue to happen in the future.

Casting couch is a very common phenomenon be it in Bollywood or Hollywood. Aman Varma was caught asking for sexual favor from a girl who wanted to be an Indian idol. Such things too should come to light. But things like who's dating who in Bollywood and what are the hero and heroine up to on the sets of their movie, who's marriage is on the rocks is not mainstream medias business.

Mainstream media must be responsible and must have a clear cut vision of what deserves to be in news. After all media has a deep impact on people. Such deep impact that it can determine the rise and fall of governments. Media must always project the truth and that truth that matters to every citizen of the nation.

Alekhya Mandadi
Sree vidya nikethan engineering college, Tirupati

First Published: Jan 12, 2006 12:40 IST