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Surfer's say: Holi hai

The joyful scream is soon to be heard in every street of India! And this enthusiasm is justified, as there are many..., writes Purva Bhatia.

india Updated: Mar 14, 2006 12:50 IST

Holi hai! The joyful scream is soon to be heard in every street of India! And this enthusiasm is justified, as there are so many reasons to celebrate this colourful festival.

Welcoming the spring for a start though the weather changes are on to make this statement untrue!

I just read somewhere that this is an occasion of unadulterated joy and fun also it's a colourful reason for us to shed our inhibitions. Hey, did I read "unadulterated joy"? Is Holi anymore an occasion of "unadulterated joy"? Well, I have my doubts.

I really do not like using the term "menace" with this exuberant festival but sadly some anti-social people of my generation and the successors have not left me with any other option. This festival is meant to be celebrated by smearing colours and throwing water on friends and relatives. This is a gesture of extending a hand of peace and showing affection, I believe.

Also youngsters throw water balloons at passersby. And this is precisely why I had to use the word menace. I don't mind little kids who are so bad at aiming that you surely need not worry about it! What is a matter of concern for me are those reckless boys on their motorbikes who aim at strangers as if they are best of enemies! Water balloons meant to signify joy actually take form of balloons of fury.

I never get the logic of what fun do these people derive from this act. If seeing people wet or spoiling their dress are their ideas somebody please tell them of the pichkaris. At least they don't hurt anybody. I thought of writing this piece while I was going to see a friend nearby and a balloon hit right on my leg spoiling the best pair of jeans I had.

That's still ok as long as there are good detergents in market. But when I was returning back balloons hit me on my abdomen and trust me it was real bad. I could feel the pain for quite some time. Distressed, I was and I could barely come off it that another one gave me a bad pain in my arm.

And the very next moment I saw a girl walking by been hit by an egg! I was disgusted to see this. This festival is associated with the immortal love of Krishna and Radha. And when so pure is the association of this gala festivity why spoil it in such grating manner? What fun is it to be a cause of anger for anybody on such auspicious event?

It's an earnest request to such people kindly think about this; before you try and hurt somebody for the useless joy you find in this. And after they say "bura na mano, holi hai!" I am sure nobody would mind till the time its not a cause of any kind of trouble for others.

Purva Bhatia
Acharya Narendradev college, DU

First Published: Mar 14, 2006 12:50 IST