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Surfer's say: Truth

What is the truth? What is reality? A very relative term I would say, what you believe in is the truth for you... writes, Ridhima Thakral.
PTI | By HT Correspondent
PUBLISHED ON MAR 31, 2006 01:07 PM IST

What is the truth? What is real? What is reality? A very relative term I would say. What you believe in is the truth for you, regardless of whether it is true for the other person or not.

This little piece that I am going to write is going to complicate things rather than simplify them, but then its written keeping in mind a very famous quotation -If you can't convince, confuse!

I was having this conversation with a friend the other day in which he said that we have to be open minded and more liberal in terms of what we consider to be real.

It is only then will we be able to see beyond the accepted truth. Something along the lines of this world being an illusion and only if consider it an illusion, will you be able to break out of it.

The whole thought reminded me of the spoon-bending scene in the movie Matrix, when Neo goes to meet the Oracle. Most of you are already thinking - What??

So basically what he was saying is nothing is real. I have believed in that for the past few years now - You think therefore you are. Ya I haven't won too many debates on that and I know it doesn't sound convincing enough to too many people either.

The point however is in order for you to achieve something; you have to first believe in your-self and in your ability to achieve it. So basically belief and reality are both inter-dependant.

Maybe achieving Moksha  sounds a little too crazy, but you can start with the little things in life. Admissions, Jobs, relationships, the power to believe. I personally believe that if you believe in something from the bottom of your heart, it comes true.

In my last piece I touched upon loving your self. It is a complicated thought (although it doesn't sound like it). But I will try and simplify it. Love yourself enough that you consider yourself worthy of that which you wish to achieve. Believe that you will and you will.

Ridhima Thakral
Delhi University

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