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SurferSpeak| What's the worth of our moms?

Priceless! A grateful daughter salutes moms of this world on Mother's Day.

india Updated: May 14, 2006 11:05 IST

I have often heard my mother cribbing when exhausted after the daily house chores, " Lady of the house is a full-time reliable servant without pay and leave".

Of course, it is beyond doubt that the selflessness with which a mother works as a caregiver and homebuilder can never be monetarily valued.

An extreme remark shows the importance of a mother, "A lady can still bring up children nicely in the event of death of her husband but motherless children are ruined forever."

Endless quotes and poems have been dedicated to this most wonderful creation of the Almighty, so her roles do not need much explication.

Casually surfing the Internet recently, I came across a web site that tracks salaries for variety of job profiles. In this materialistic world, everything is valued in terms of money and why not, after all money makes the mare go. I went further through the Mom's Salary wizard which shows and helps one to calculate the real worth of job as a "housewife".

Yes, being a housewife is a full time profession indeed. The average stay-at-home mother according to this website is $1,34,000 a year.

As their US counterparts, an urban Indian woman might be doing the same and not to ignore the rural Indian lady who does much more with those scanty resources, always keeping her own interests at the back end.

Indian mothers from economically backward and rural families routinely practice austere self-denial in order to keep the home fire burning. With gender prejudices rampant, the Indian Mother's worth is grossly under-estimated and under-valued.

If a milometre were attached to the feet of a housewife, it would show a far elaborate reading than an Olympic athlete practicing for his run at the games.

Her 24x7 multitasking way of life includes juggling into jobs like house-keeping, cooking, nursing, accounting, gardening, counselling, tutoring, ministering, laundering, baby-sitting and for the modern mothers driving and computing for their kids as well.

Celebrating Mother's Day is one way of giving her a recognition which has been adopted in the Western countries on different days. In the US and a few other countries it will be celebrated on 2nd Sunday of May.

In India, it might not be a declared National Holiday, her worth may not have been calculated in terms of salary but at least this much recognition can be given to the 'janani' (birth giver) that her role is not considered useless.

The Indian mother expects nothing in return but a note of thanks or at least an expression of love. She never asks for pay packets or appraisals but is it not required by the children themselves to take care of her needs. Check out, before it's too late, the worth of your mom at home.

Radhika Nagrath is our regular surfer based in Hardwar and can be reached

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First Published: May 14, 2006 11:04 IST