I can arrange for tourists from Europe to Kashmir.Luthra, Denmark

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Bollywood film lays bare ugly face of racism in Britain
I am an Indian doctor living in London for the past 4 years. I don't know which racism Sira is talking about? Yes I have been victim of racism but not by English, the problems always come from British born Asians who have such a low opinion of new immigrants. I believe English are the most tolerant while the opposite is true about British born Asians.
- Raj
(December 22, 2003)

UK opens safe house for men battered by wives,girlfriends
As per this report, it is estimated that 64 per cent of child abuse is by mothers, 23 per cent of women and 15 per cent of men aged between 16 and 59 admit that they had been assaulted by their partner at some time or the other. But the percentage of men assaulted by their partners could be higher as many of them fight shy of admitting getting beaten by women because, as their abusive wives rightly tell them, they would become the laughing stock among their friends and colleagues. Everybody laughs at a man getting abused/molested by a woman whereas later, the same woman can easily do a song and dance, turn on the tears, come out with a sob story and claim that she is the victim (and most people would believe her too, as after all she is the woman).
San Francisco, USA
(December 22, 2003)

Dilip Tahil's appeal to work in Britain denied
As an Indian from India working in UK, I find British Asians one of the most rude and vicious lot on planet earth. Though they time and again have gone running to Commission for racial equality claiming discrimination against British whites, they are extremely poisonous and racist when it comes to their interaction with Indians from India. Right from making derogatory comments like 'you have a typical Indian accent’ to the way they deal with Indians from India, time they did some introspection analysis. They are sowing seeds of hatred and in years to come they will reap the rewards when Indians from India who settle down in UK retaliate and give it back to them.
D Bhavnani
(December 16, 2003)

Visit J&K to see reality, CM challenges Pakistanis
I am an NRI residing in Denmark from the last 30 years. I have read that the Jammu & Kashmir CM Mr Mufti Mohammad SaeedSaeed invites tourism and is personally doing a tremendous work to promote this great city. This has inspired me to give my views and advise how to promote this city. I am sure that many Indians residing outside would agree with me that the city must be cleaned up completely before tourism is promoted. Indian politicians just promote tourism only verbally without doing any efforts to ask what is required to get more tourism. The whole country is dirty! Coming out of an Indian airport, is a cultural shock to foreign tourists. People just throw away their garbage on the roads, trains and platforms are very dirty, unorganised and so on.

We must take the example of China, and see how Beijing has become a beautiful and clean city and well organised. They have the same population as India so we cannot make the excuse of overpopulation. Chinese people are very well self disciplined - why are we not self-disciplined? I must emphasise that to encourage foreign tourists to come to India, they should get a very good impression of this country. We are praising ourselves that there is a boom of 5-6% yearly but where is this boom? I don't see any progress- there is no great development, poor are getting more poor. Country seems to be the same as it was for 30 years back. Tourists not only see the poverty but how we, Indians, abuse our mother Earth. This way the tourists are reluctant to come and visit India. I am sure that cleanliness has to be taught to the people and teach them that more the cleanliness and politeness will bring more tourists and prosperity to the region. Our roads, airports- on the whole infrastructure should be modernised. When things are neat and clean, functioning, tourists will be encouraged to come again and recommend to their families and friends. I love my country and wish that we could bring more tourists and prosperity to the region. I can arrange for many tourists from Europe to Kashmir but on the other hand infrastructure should be organised by the Chief Minister. I am also ready to help in any way, free of charge, but need the right back up and contacts.
- Luthra
(December 12, 2003)

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