Tantalise your taste buds

With new menus on offer, restaurants in the city are gearing up to provide you a global culinary experience. Read on to find out more...

india Updated: Sep 17, 2010 12:51 IST
Puja Chakraborty
Puja Chakraborty
Hindustan Times

Restaurants in the city are cooking up new menus inspired from culinary techniques from across the world. The idea is to serve novelties to a discerning clientele frequently on a globe trot. They and a savvy home audience are now seeking the international flavour right here and now.

Smoke House Grill in Greater Kailash recently introduced a refurbished menu, which is a reflection of contrasts, conundrum and contradictions.

The duck tacho is the chef ’s first pick. For one who is seeking a fine dine experience, the idea of tacho for such a hearty meat would not work.

However, the contradiction in the meal is to present the dish with opposite flavours so that it gets pronounced. The dish is presented with lime pickle, which gives a tangy taste along with Jalapenos and mango emulsions on top. To give an earthy feel, the prawn and the tomato in the prawn cocktail is smoked. Figgin Chicken served with goat cheese, beetroot salad and fig puree gives a fine balance to the meal. The idea of presenting cheese and fig along with chicken is to define a unique culinary experience.

The next take is the sweet potato vada that tastes like a good vada pav from a street of Mumbai. However, the pav was eliminated and the potato was doughed in tempura batter, which is Japanese in nature.

The chef presents the Underground soup such that it gives the visual experience of ‘under the sea.’ The soup has seafood immersed in it with just a little foam on top, which get dissolved to give flavour to the soup, and has seaweed sprinkled on it. No doubt an experience to multiple senses.

Sequel by United at Defence Colony has also been experimenting with their menu, which is predominantly Mediterranean in nature. The veg and non-veg tapas and Mezze platters with the Shish Touk and Kibbeh are paired with fruity wines which are being offered as their monsoon delights. “The wine pairing is sure to give a discerning feel to a diner. The wines are paired with the flavour of food based on the contrast palatability. For example cinnamon beats the fruity flavour so we offer fruit wines with such platters. We also have in house wine tasting happening here,” shares Karan Gambhir, the owner of the restaurant. The best bet here are the Dolmades, which need a subtle palatability and is rooted in greek tradition. Potlees are made of wine leaves stuffed with greek rice. Try out the stuffing with Moroccan Lamb Tagine, which a Mediterranean lamb specialty which is served with cous cous in traditional tagine platter.

First Published: Sep 17, 2010 12:47 IST