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Tarot predictions for Taureans

Ma Prem Usha shuffles her deck of Tarot cards for 2004 to predict what lies ahead for those born under the sign Taurus.

india Updated: Jan 02, 2004 14:37 IST

Ma Prem Usha shuffles her deck of Tarot cards for 2004 to predict what lies ahead for those born under the sign Taurus.

The power packed Leo card in the Tarot deck lends you strength, energy and courage in all aspects in 2004. You are physically fit, on top of things and seem to control the life force to achieve impossible tasks and challenges.

A business-cum-pleasure trip in July-August is on the cards! Traveling may be extensive but not too far and wide. A shopping spree could burn a hole in your budget, beware. Friends can touch you for loans and take advantage of you! However, you earn enough to maintain financial stability.

Beware of depleting energy with too much activity or concern for others and their priorities. You finally decide to do what is good for you, rather than fulfill other’s expectations! Surprises and unexpected happenings are on the cards! You glow with all the attention you receive at home and at work. You enjoy happy celebrations and festivals this year.

Love and romance in your relationship brings a flurry in your wardrobe. You decide to wear what pleases you rather than conform to what is in vogue and considered trendy. Freedom and simplicity are the keynotes of your fashion statements. You can also dress in dramatic,flamboyant styles and colours when the occasion demands.

You are strong and masterful while turning things around in a positive direction at work and at home this year! You transform a breakdown into a breakthrough with your strength, awareness, balance and good management. You are seen, noted and heard as you make an impact in media and in your field of activity.

An exhibition or showing of your work can bring fame and fortune. Business assignments and professional ventures are successful, gainful and satisfying. You have the courage to take on competitive rivals and adversaries. A promotion or progressive change at work is on the cards!
You get stagnant assignments moving in a progressive direction.

Avoid superficial people who impress you briefly, offer lucrative opportunities and then play political games. Your special gifts, creative ideas and individuality shine through in a crowd of personalities at professional meetings and seminars. This is the year you can aim for the highest and achieve it!

A great love affair keeps you involved and happy! Love and romance make this an exciting year! You finally get past blocks and conditioning to express your feelings to the one you love and make a commitment. You flower and glow in 2004 with all the attention you receive at home, and at work. You can be mystical and attractive to more than one person as you are admired among friends and acquaintances.

You carry yourself with confidence and style that attracts attention and draws interesting people around you. Your charismatic appeal could also invite a sizzling romance! You can be passionate and intense in creative aspects.

You spend happy times with pets, gardens and children. A vacation or two during the year are more hectic than relaxing if you are not aware! You are generous and loving but need to maintain balance in relationships!

You have the courage to be different yet true to yourself, your values and priorities. Trust your intuition when evaluating complex people or situations! Surprises, dramatic changes and unexpected happenings are on the cards! If you are meditative, balanced and alert you manage to go through chaos or the dark night of the soul to reach the dawn, which leads to endings and new beginnings. A new vision encourages you to break out of restrictions and limitations. You are amazed at the vitality and empowerment this brings to your life, work and relationships.

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First Published: Jan 02, 2004 14:37 IST