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The eastern direction

The Eastern direction supposedly belongs to Lord Indra, the king of gods. The entrance of a house in that direction is considered to be the ?Victory Door?.

india Updated: Mar 11, 2004 11:47 IST
Dr Ranjeet Mehta
Dr Ranjeet Mehta

The sun rises in the east and it is a well-practiced tradition among Indians to start the day’s work only after paying tribute to the Sun god, which brings success in the work undertaken. We all know that life on earth is not possible without the sun. East is the direction supposedly belonging to Lord Indra, the king of gods. It is considered to be a most auspicious and holy direction. Therefore, the entrance of a house in the eastern direction is considered as the ‘Victory Door’.

Moreover, solar, air and lunar energies cast their effect on building construction. If houses are built as per laws of nature, most nature-borne pollution can be dispelled, while natural sources of energy can be utilised for the benefit of the house owner.

It should be ensured that morning sun-rays enter every nook and corner of the building so that the solar energy is utilised in the form of Vitamin D for the benefit of inhabitants, as it directly affects our body and mind. Similarly, sun rays in the noon carry radioactivity that has adverse effects on the body.

So, the house map should be planned in such a way that the afternoon rays cast minimal (adverse) effects on the house and body. If the eastern side is lower than the western and if there are more doors and windows etc., the whole habitation will benefit from the salutary effects of morning sun rays. If the eastern and northern portions are more spacious and open, the wind will have a smooth entry into the house and magnetic rays, which travel from the north to the south, won’t have any obstacle in making an exit, out of small windows in the south-west direction.

Orientation in the eastern direction

1. The eastern side of the building should have the maximum open space, a wide main gate with large windows and ventilators, from where fresh and pure suns rays emanate and fall on the house in the first phase of the day.

2. A building must have an east-facing gate or window which should be designed in such a way that the sun rays should fall on the house, imparting physical, mental, and spiritual energy/power.

3. The eastern side should be neat, clean and tidy. As far as possible, do not build a toilet in this direction. Open spaces in the east should be more than in the west.

4. If construction work is carried out, without leaving an extra empty space near the boundaries, there will be few progeny or they may be crippled.

5. The main gate, built on the eastern side can cause penury, litigation in courts, fire or theft.

6. The canopies should be lower than the cella on the eastern side. A higher one can cause unrest and financial loss (wastage).

7. Boundary walls on the eastern side of the house should be lower than the western side.

8. Corridors and passageways should always be in the east.

9. Trees on the eastern side should be small in size. Flowers without thorns are best suited in this direction.

10. Children’s room should be in the east.

11. The hand or jet pump should be located in the east.

(Excerpts from the book ‘Vaastu for Generation Next’. Published by Benediction Publications)

First Published: Mar 10, 2004 14:17 IST