The Heart has Its Reasons

Couched in graceful and insightful language, this translation of Dil-O-Danish defies superlatives.

india Updated: Apr 13, 2006 18:38 IST

The Heart has Its Reasons
Author: Krishna Sobti
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Katha
Pages: 222
Price: Rs 250
ISBN: 81-87649-54-2

She's a quiet flame, a roaring sea. He's a restless wave, an autumn tree. Set in the Dilli of the 1920s, Mehak and Kripanarayan's love story threatens the seams of family and passion, as Kutumb, the wife gropes for the slivers of a broken marriage. Three powerful characters, three distinct voices. Krishna Sobti crafts a perfect wind cup that shields the flickering flames of love and life.

First Published: Apr 13, 2006 18:38 IST