The key to graceful ageing
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The key to graceful ageing

Do yoy feel boged down by your age? HT Style offers you some simple rules that can make you feel young at heart and body.

india Updated: Feb 17, 2006 15:37 IST
HT Style
HT Style

Itis better to be a late bloomer than to be a dud bud. How do you feel about life-long learning and accomplishment? Shouldn’t we all have some challenging goals and dreams to aspire for?

Why shouldn’t people, as they age, accomplish even more because of their previous experiences? Does it frustrate you to think about another person thinking of you as having limited abilities due to your age? We can slow down and in some instances, even temporarily reverse the ageing process. Consistent strenuous exercise, a restricted wholesome diet, mental challenges and strong relationships are effective antidotes against aging.

Even if you’ve either not thought about it before or neglected the idea of life-long accomplishment, it probably isn’t too late to start today. You can begin now, and see positive results in just a few weeks. “What do I do?” you might ask. Here are seven suggestions to help you jumpstart a more productive and fulfiling, “rest of your life.”

Develop a strong social support network: Have close relationships with your family and friends. Be an active part of the communities you live in. Work hard to cultivate strong ties. Much research shows that a strong social support system is either as important, or more important, than exercising.

Restrict your diet: Eat fewer calories than normal. Emphasise complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. Eat moderate amounts of low fat protein. Eat healthy, monounsaturated fats like olive oil in small quantities.

Strive for balance and moderation. It might sound boring, but it does not have to be.

Exercise: At least five days per week. Go in for strength, aerobic and flexibility exercises. Yes, just the thought of exercising makes some people feel tired. However, a good exercise programme will quickly give you more energy and mental alertness.

Use both sides of your brain: Work with numbers and play a musical instrument. Learn to juggle with both hands. Brush your teeth and eat with the opposite hand on alternating nights.

Generate a list: It can be of people or activities or even events that excite you and give you a reason to get up in the morning. Have a list of places to visit. Then, find ways and times to go visit them. Read a challenging book. Take a classroom course or on the Internet. Learn a new language.

Be an optimist: Optimists might or might not live longer than pessimists, but they are sure more fun to be around.

Care: This ties in with number one but it goes further. Care about other people even if you don’t know them. Care about their dreams, aspirations and concerns.

First Published: Feb 17, 2006 14:39 IST