The male ego is fragile
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The male ego is fragile

Cyrus Broacha solves your relationship queries in this column.

india Updated: Sep 10, 2012 17:20 IST
Cyrus Broacha
Cyrus Broacha
Hindustan Times

I am 17 and I love a girl of the same age. She has a boyfriend and she knows that I am in love with her. She is very serious about him. But at the same time I want her. How do I convince her that I love her so much? Please help.
— Your Chela

You know, as a young boy of nine, I always dreamt of becoming a Godman. Again, with my own cult following at age 41, I must say that the dream may soon become reality as, now at last, I have at least one Chela. Thank you Chela No 1. Now examining your case study, I have come up with the following conclusion: You have jaundice. She has cholera. You want her to share the jaundice with you, but she knows you have jaundice and doesn’t want to budge from cholera. I think you have no choice but to let her see your whole deck. Be candid, be frank, let her know everything. You have nothing to lose, if it doesn’t work out you’re still only 17 . If it does though, could you convince her into becoming Chela No 2 ...please?

I am 17 and I like a girl in my college. Recently, we have become good friends. But I’m afraid if I tell her the truth about my love she may end the friendship. What should I do?
— Mith Patel

Mith, have you read this paper before? Have you read this column before? I can’t keep answering the same question. Refer to column 16 question 3, or column 34 question 1. I mean, this question you can answer in your sleep now. Just do the Mith. Okay, one last time, nothing ventured nothing gained. You think you’re homesick? Mitt Romney would be where he is today if he didn’t actually go out there and pretend to care? She can’t imagine you like her. This truth won’t come to her in a dream. You need to slowly express yourself and communicate better. Okay now please swear to me, never again.

I am 22 and I love a girl who is three years younger than me. She stays with her uncle and doesn’t have a dad. She loves her mom a lot and says she’s done a lot of favours for her. We chat every night and meet daily. One day I got sentimental because I knew she would leave me after a few years. Then she hugged me and said that she can’t explain her feelings to me. Even after two years, she says nothing can happen between us and only she will decide who she marries. What should I do?
— Rahul Patil

Rahul, this is not common behaviour between friends, unless one of them is dead, of course.So clearly, she has feelings. But typically just as subcontinental pitch conditions favour spin bowling, conditions have also to favour parental interference as well. This is not always a bad thing. Obviously, she is close and very faithful to her mom. But she also clearly likes you. Talking every day? That’s something husbands and wives can’t keep up. I say try and befriend the mom, play according to the conditions and, just like Sachin watch out for the one that comes in.

My boyfriend and I had a normal relationship. Once while chatting I said, ‘Do not use and throw.’ Now he’s so upset that he’s stopped talking to me. Please help Cyrus.
— Eral Parekh

Eral, it’s just a case of male ego. The male ego is very fragile, but also durable . Just reverse the damage with some insincere praise.

Just write to uncle cy:
And I’ll give you some relief…. err… that is, provided, I’m not doing a headstand at the time

First Published: Sep 10, 2012 16:05 IST