The monsoon effect on art

Is monsoon, the traditional season of inspiration in the world of art, getting elbowed out by moolah? Art connoisseurs take a peek.

india Updated: Aug 16, 2006 19:44 IST

The sight of torrential rains quenching the thirst of parched dry earth not only pleases the sore eyes, it is the reason for the creative minds to get inspired as well.

Every creative field, from music to films, boasts of works inspired by the monsoon. The soulful ragas in music and the elegant movements of classical dances have long entertained the connoisseurs.

And the realm of paints is no exception to the rule. Says artist Sanjay Bhattacharyya, who is working on a painting inspired by the season, “Monsoon is happiness, it is pure bliss. The best part about the season is that it gives you reflections. It can make you laugh and it can make you cry.”

Agrees painter Damu Eramum, whose work titled Monsoon, is currently on display at Travancore Art Gallery, “The season brings nostalgia with it. During the monsoon season, the entire village on the Malabar Coast is covered by the carpet of greenery, which I have tried to depict in one of my paintings.”

However, in the age of professionalism and competition, there may be little time left for the painters to depend on one season for inspiration.

Artist Amitava Das says, “Monsoon is more visible in miniature paintings. Nowadays, everything is professional and one has to achieve a certain target as art activity has increased and more people are able to appreciate art. Monsoon is a kind of romantic notion. People don’t have to wait for inspiration - these are personal things.”

So, is romanticism becoming a thing of the past in the increasingly competitive world? Gallery owner Sunaina Anand differs, “Artists are always inspired, they don’t have to wait for the Monsoon. An artist has his own intellectual beliefs and romanticism is an emotion. A sensitive artist will not care about the price or selling and buying, he will paint what he wishes to do. The selling and buying is for others to take care of.” Try getting soaked in the first rain of the season, and you'd know what it is.

First Published: Aug 16, 2006 19:44 IST