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The Salman Tapes II

SK: I am working. I am editing. I have to release the film in December. I am shooting continuously for the same film...
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Salman Khan: Somi aao beta

Tum ne phone off kiya. Aur tum bolti ho ki mujhe yeh karna hai, woh karna hai.

Phone off kyu kiya? Raat bhar off kiya. Uske pehle bhi off kiya. Aur mujhko blame karti ho tum.

Oh you have lost a Salman Khan, you have lost a Salman Khan.

Ghar ka phone off kar diya aur mobile bhi off kar diya

Somi Ali: Off nahin hai, Salman Khan, mai to ghar so nikli nahin

SK: Tum hamesha sab ka phone leti ho

Somi: OK, tell me, you were indulging in bouts of drinking till 3 am. You have to get up at 2 pm. So why did you leave so early in the morning?

SK: I am working. I am editing. I have to release the film in December. I am shooting continuously for the same film.

Somi: You fled in such a way that your oxygen is there

SK: Yeah

Somi: I’ve known you for 10 years. I know when you are acting and when you’re being real

SK: You really understand me

Somi: Yes, I understand you. I understand why you are not getting married. After marriage I would be repenting all my life

By the time you come back, I am going to get married... F**k you, slut

Aishwarya Rai: Don’t you dare me.

SK: Don’t you dare f**k with me, Ash.

SK: Put the phone down you f**king bitch. F**k Aamir, F**k Aamir, F**k Aamir, F**k Aamir. You f**king bitch. You f**king slut. F**k Abhishek. F**k Aamir.

In your f**king history. F**king slut. Nobody has been f**king like people have f**ked you. You f**king slut.

Ash: Like what?

SK: Put the phone down. It is a mistake.

It is a mistake calling you up. It is a mistake calling 100 people to get your number. It’s a mistake finding out how you are. By the time you come back I am going to get married. F**k you slut.

You b***h. Are you Aishwarya Rai? Are you Aishwarya Rai?

Aamir Khan, early in the morning

I used you. I used you. I used you right. I used you. The way I used you, you used me.

I am glad you woke up to the way you used me like I use you.

Once in a while, when you f**ked my happiness. Once in a while.

Now 47 days from today. 47 days.

Ash: You are counting all the days on me.

SK: Yes I was. Yes I was counting all my days. Now count those on you too.

Ash: Ah. Ah.

SK: If Aamir calls you at 5/6 in the morning, your mom will be more than happy. Aamir is going to f**k my daughter, a married man. She has problems with Salman Khan.

Ash: (inaudible)

SK: Yes I like his balls. So do you.

Ash: Enough

SK: And you will get to them before I do. And you will lick him through his underwear

Do you remember the good time we had watching Biwi No. 1?

SK: Aamir Khan chaat raha hai aur bhag gaya cheen ke. Akshay Khanna chat raha tha aur bhag gaya. He is sorry.

Ash: Sorry

SK: Yes I do. I do like. Mummy is coming today. Yeah

Ash: Do you remember the good time we had watching Bibi No. 1?

SK: Who is interested in Aa Ab Laut Chale?

You know I f**ked (name withheld) on the set of Chori Chori Chupke Chupke. Quite a f**k.

Ash: Don’t try to maro line.

SK: I don’t want that bitch’s number. I want your number.

Ash: You tried your luck.

SK: Yeah. I did that. But it is not a problem.

SK: She’s masturbated on me 100 times.

Ash: To make her what?

SK: Take it easy, Ash.

Ash: No, no

SK: Take it easy.

Ash: Take her what?

SK: I said thrice. This is the fourth time. I can make (name withheld) masturbate on the floor anytime.

You have all the s**t. You know all that stuff. Come on, Ash. You’re going to meet Aamir right now.

AR: Stop all the crap.

SK: What, we’re talking crap right now? Ah, right.

Ash: That was not also an honest request.

Oh, and by the way...

SK: I have the power to do that. Do you know the underworld is controlled by me?

You know it is true. You know I can do that.

Why are you saying I will be in trouble?

Ash: I heard about (name withheld).

SK: Because she is supposed to star. Ah. I f**ked (name withheld) too. Hello?

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