'They must check the evil within'
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'They must check the evil within'

Many surfers disagree with the PM's statement on tackling terrorism.

india Updated: Sep 07, 2006 16:28 IST

On Tuesday Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh addressing chief ministers' conference in New Delhi cautioned the states against going after the minority community, articulating the community's sense of alienation and insecurity.

Based on this story we asked our surfers if they agreed with the PM's plea that the respect for fundamental human rights of citizens, particularly of minority communities, should be a "core concern" of the law enforcement agencies in dealing with terrorism.

Here's what we received.

TRS writing from Stockholm, Sweden asked how was the prime minister going to walk the tight rope.

"PM should say how. Accidentally or otherwise, 99 per cent of terrorists are from this community. How will police conduct search operations?"

"The only way out is if the Muslim community takes efforts to monitor terrorists and weed them out. In all the incidences there has been a ground support from Muslims in that area. This is a practical problem."

Bawari of Chennai, India had this to say.

"It is not enough that you keep scaring everyone by saying that terror cells exist. What are you doing to weed it out? The Muslim community should first take proactive measures to see that people from their community are discouraged from indulging in terrorist activities. The terrorists may be few in number but we do not know the numbers of those abetting them."

"So, I urge the Muslim community to introspect before it asks the PM to go slow on them."

"I disagree with Dr Manmohan Singh. To deal with terrorism we should not distinguish between the majority or the minority," said Vadivel of Mumbai, India.

Al Adil from Abu Dhabi also disagreed with the prime minister.

"I don't agree with prime minister's plea because Muslims don't know who is a bad Muslim among them. They don't know who is taking advantage of their religious sentiments. And the worst part is they have no courage to speak against the bad elements within them."

Padmanabha NR of Bangalore, India too was in disagreement with the prime minister.

"A firm 'no'! Irrespective of the religion, minority community, the terrorists/culprits should be punished without any mercy for their atrocities committed towards the nation and humanity in general. They should be punished under Muslim law as in Dubai and other Arabian countries."

"When the so-called 'minority' community are the ones who cause havoc everywhere then the prime minister should not openly support them," felt Hind from Mumbai, India.

Deep Agarwala of New Delhi, India said, "I do not agree with the PM on this. Muslims alone are not in minority. Hindus are also in minority in J&K but our policies and human right activists turn a blind eye towards this. If someone talks of Hindus, he is labelled as a fundamentalist. The minority has all the right to live peacefully but not at the cost of majority."

"TADA and POTA were removed by this government and they speak of stopping terrorism. And what's better they blame the states! Yes, the system should work without discrimination ie irrespective of any religion," said Pune's Pankaj.

A surfer going by the name Indian of Richmond, VA, USA too disagreed with the prime minister.

"Whether it is Hindu or Muslim or any other religion, law is above any religion. I think there has to be a common civil code."

Pradeep of Vadodara, India said, "I don't agree with the PM. The law should be very strict. One thing is certain even if all Muslims are not terrorists all terrorists happen to be Muslims. They should be checked."

"It is this policy that is promoting terrorism. Muslims of India or anywhere else should be told in most clear terms that the onus is on them to get rid of the terrorists," felt Virat, New Delhi, India.

There were quite a few surfers who wrote in supporting prime minsiter's statement.

"Yes, innocent Muslims should not be the targeted in the name of terror hunt. But more than the police the Muslim community can wipe out terrorism in the name of Islam. Whenever something happens to Muslims there are mass reactions. I do not see such reactions when a mad terrorist kills innocent people including Muslims in Kashmir. So more responsibility is vested with Muslims," felt Joseph Pereira from Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Koti Reddy of Hyderabad, India was in complete agreement with Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.

Majid Khan of Oakville, Canada too agreed with the prime minister.

"Extremists exist in every religion, but their percentage is always meagre. Opportunists are found everywhere."

"Manmohan Singh is absolutely right. The only way to create peace in India is stop racial profiling, giving better education, respect and jobs to Muslims. Or Muslims population might surpass Hindus in India in 25 years, due to joblessness and illiteracy," said Ekram from Silver Spring, USA.

All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of HindustanTimes.com.

First Published: Sep 07, 2006 12:32 IST