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Time for some dogumentaries!

If you’re depressed with the despondency that’s dished out in the name of news, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Perhaps it’s time to check out the dogosphere, writes Jhoomur Bose.

india Updated: Aug 27, 2008 22:43 IST

Between Google and Wikipedia (wikipedia.com), you can find answers to almost anything on the internet. Or news about any part of the world. However, even as technology shrinks the globe onto our palm(tops), ignorance can prove to be bliss as searching for ‘happy’ news on the web ends up being quite depressing.

Surfing through morning news the other day, two headlines on ninemsn.com stuck out. One was a child-abuse story off Fox news (foxnews.com) about how five-year-olds were being slipped ‘silly pills’ and made to perform sexually provocative dances at a Texan swingers club. The other story, which was originally reported in Daily Express (express.co.uk), was of a dog in Argentina, who saved a new born baby that had been abandoned and dumped in a dustbin. The dog, China, picked up the baby and kept it warm through the night, along with her own pups. Gives the phrase ‘animal instinct’ a whole new spin.

When most news on and off the internet — the blogosphere included — is either about makeup you need to buy, break-ups you couldn’t avoid, environmental policies that no politician wants to sign and elections involving those very politicians, animals come to the rescue. Blogs on pets often provide much-needed relief when human affairs turn despondent. For those who don’t touch wood at the idea of cats, check out Lol Cats (lolcats.com). From eating ‘cheezburgers’ to doing things that only cats can do, the site is a cat-lovers’ paradise.

For those who believe it’s a dog’s world, there’s Dogs With Blogs (dogswithblogs.com.au) that chronicles the adventures of Biggie Z (he’s a one-year-old kuvasz). With a Pawlimpics 2008 award under his belt, Biggie Z ‘writes’, “No Nobel Peace Prize for me any time soon. Maybe if they gave a Nobel for Wreaking Havoc When Confined to a Condo in Brrr Mont in the Pouring Rain with 2 Little Shih-Tzu-Poos Who Bark at Me (and Won’t Play) and 9 people I Want to Wrestle With, I might win.”

Three Woofs and a Woo (three woofs.blogspot.com) documents the stories of three border collies, a photographer and a mysterious ‘Woo’. If you understand French, check out Faya’s blog (faya-airedale.blogspot.com), which thankfully has English translations as well. With photographs of the dogs' antics and contributions from readers about their dogs, the blog is one amongst many that suggests that perhaps a dog's life is a happier life.