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Tips for job interviews

Here is a detailed description of tips for job interviews in financial services from K Sudarshan, managing partner, EMA Partners:
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UPDATED ON JUL 23, 2007 03:51 AM IST

Here is a detailed description of tips for job interviews in financial services from K Sudarshan, managing partner, EMA Partners:


Read up about the employer and speak to people who know the company and its products or services. Go through the company Website, financials, people and recent news around the organization, especially management changes, merges or acquisitions, new product launches etc. Also it helps to understand the industry, competition and the relative positioning of the company etc.

2. Understand the role and your fit in the organisation, long-term career prospects, work culture and typical profile of people working in the organization. Also get information on reporting relationships and span of control etc. Have a clear idea of responsibilities assigned for the position and whether they fit in with your seniority and career momentum.

3. You must know what you have written in your resume, so that any question the interviewer has can be confidently addressed.

4. Think through and formulate your responses in advance for some standard questions like your strengths or weaknesses, salary expectations, your track record of working in teams, managing conflicts etc.

5. Prepare in advance a set of questions for your potential employer. Usually in a job interview you get an opportunity to ask questions, make complete use of it and ensure that you ask intelligent questions. Focus on larger issues and not on trivia. Focus on things like career progress, company or product strategy, positioning etc which will go down well and also reflect your ability to focus on the bigger picture.

6. Dress well, make a good first impression. Interviewers typically form a first impression and then try and validate that through the rest of the interview. Arrive for the meeting on time.

7. Be specific about your current role, responsibilities and achievements. Do not be critical about your current organization or your boss. Also ensure that you do not disclose confidential or proprietary information about your current organization. Be precise and to the point, do not ramble.

8. Before you leave the interview try and determine the next steps if not mentioned clearly. "We will get back to you" is the typical answer you get, try and push for a time wherever possible.

9. Analyse the discussion, whether you have been able to highlight the positive aspects of your candidature and if you have missed out a few important things a potential employer would like to know. Articulate them if you get one more opportunity or take them as a learning for the future.

10. You may consider dropping a thank-you note which also reinforces your strong interest in the position and offer to provide more information if it helps the potential employer to make a decision. If you have not been successful, don't take it personally or get demoralised.

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