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Tips to enhance your career

Good Feng Shui makes it much easier to live and work in harmony with everyone else. It makes your career path much smoother. Here are some tips to help you climb the corporate ladder.

india Updated: Dec 05, 2009 20:12 IST
Raman Datta

Feng Shui

Good Feng Shui makes it much easier to live and work in harmony with everyone else. This makes your career path so much smoother.

Feng Shui helps you achieve your career goals in different ways. As and when you design your space according to the principles of Feng Shui, you create and use intentions — stating what you want to accomplish by making some of the following changes. Pictures are very effective. If you want your career to take off, it would be appropriate to hang pictures or posters that feature a balloon rising in the air, or a flock of birds flying or even an aircraft or a rocket speeding up.

A water feature near the main door or in the southeast area will activate the prosperity area of your house/workplace and brings more opportunity and satisfaction in your life. Arrange the spout of the fountain to make the water flow into the house.This Feng Shui cure and protection will improve your success, wealth and prosperity luck and enhance your opportunities in life. By sleeping with your head pointing towards your personal Seng Chi (success) direction, can work miracles. Hanging a mirror in the east or southeast of your home will generate more uplifting and positive chi energy, which is helpful for improving your job prospects.

The position of both your desk and chair are vital. The most common mistake is to place a desk, up against a wall with a layer of shelves towering above, heavily laden with books, magazines and important papers. This is a Feng Shui nightmare! By doing this, you’re likely to feel trapped, overburdened and uninspired.

Make sure you have a desk that is strong, stable and clutter-free, both on the surface and from within (clean drawers). Place the customer’s chair in a way that he sits with the door towards his back. His chair should be slightly lower than yours so that he looks up to you.

Daylight from the window can be very uplifting and inspiring but try to avoid positioning your desk in a way that you’re looking directly out of the window.

Images of stability, such as a hilly landscape behind your back and images of moving water such as lakes, streams and oceans can help bring inspiration if placed in the front.Hang metal windchime outside the front door to help control movement within your career. When hung with this particular intention, chime will ring a breath of fresh air into your job search.

It is better to be slightly more Yang when looking for a job because this type of energy encourages you to feel confident and assertive. Absorbing more Chi energy of the east will also be useful when you start hunting for a job because this energy helps you feel positive.

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