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Titular head

Pankaj Vohra in BJP?s weak theory (August 14) cited the convention of the Speaker?s impartiality in the British Parliament.

india Updated: Aug 15, 2006 05:13 IST

Titular head

Pankaj Vohra in BJP’s weak theory (August 14) cited the convention of the Speaker’s impartiality in the British Parliament. He should realise that the morality on the basis of which such conventions work is missing in our democracy. Manmohan Singh may be a gentleman but as Prime Minister he has failed to do much. He is the titular head of a government that is run by someone else. What sort of a moral signal is he sending across by keeping a rape accused in his cabinet of ministers?

Shanti Bhushan

Dismantle terror bases

The editorial Time to step into the backyard of terror (August 12) stated that if Pakistan is unable to dismantle the jehadi machinery, the world community should step in to do so. Actually, it is the US that should take the lead in this regard. If it does, other countries will support it and follow in its footsteps.

KS Bhalla


The world community is yet to realise that terrorism is one of the biggest threats to our world today. Acts of terror in any part of the world have ramifications for the entire globe. It’s time to seriously consider and form anti-terrorist alliances.

Navneet Dhawan


The US and Israel can go to any extent for the security of their countries and citizens. But Indian rulers can do nothing but watch from a distance when Indian territory and citizens are attacked. How can our leaders destroy the Pak-sponsored proxy war when they cannot prevent floods, population explosion and pollution because they are too busy ensuring personal benefits?

Hansraj Bhat
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Produce more power

Delhi government should set up more power plants of its own as the city’s fast growth means electricity demand will only grow. How will Delhi host the Commonwealth Games with such acute power shortage?

Man Mohan Bhatia

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First Published: Aug 15, 2006 05:13 IST