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United we kill zombies

Black Ops is the latest in the Call of Duty franchise from developer Treyarch and the multiplayer mode makes for awesome team gameplay.

india Updated: Nov 23, 2010 15:39 IST
Avinash Bali
Avinash Bali
Hindustan Times

Black Ops is the latest in the Call of Duty franchise from developer Treyarch. It’s a first-person shooter with a heavy emphasis on spectacular moments rather than engaging gameplay. At its core, BO is still a linear shooter where you face enemies until you complete an objective or reach a checkpoint. What happens midway is what sets it apart from the crowd.

In Black Ops, you’re in the boots of a soldier. The CoD franchise has been making its way to a more ominous setting and this game ups the ante. Not only is the game backed by a riveting plot that feels like it’s stepped out of a mature espionage thriller, but there’s tons of disturbing stuff in here.

However, the AI in this game is dumb. At multiple occasions, my squad just ran past enemy soldiers like they never posed a threat. The game also falters on pacing where some missions feel like a mindless grind. The game’s axed the infamous grenade spamming mechanic that’s synonymous with this series. Once you get done with the campaign you can indulge in co-operative zombie genocide. Besides killing them, fixing environmental barriers such as doors or windows will also add to your in-game credit. It definitely encourages team gameplay and is an excellent addition to this game.

Building on the solid structure laid out by Infinity Ward, Treyarch has improved on the multiplayer aspect by leaps and bounds. Multiplayer support in this game is a class-based shooter where you level up and unlock a bunch of stuff by playing various adversarial modes. The biggest game changer is the in-game credits that’ll allow you to purchase newer weapons, attachments, face paint or even squad signs.

But the multiplayer aspect is still far from perfect. You can’t play as a team with your friends — you either end up on different teams or can’t join each other servers. Also every server can only accommodate 18 players. The game suffers in the technical department; certain textures look terribly bland and the PC version has issues. However, Black Ops is a game you shouldn’t miss out on. It boasts of an explosive campaign, co-operative modes and addictive multiplayer that you’ll be playing for months on end.

First Published: Nov 23, 2010 12:51 IST