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V-Day forecast: Stars tell you what to do

Valentine's Day is finally here. Wondering how to make that perfect proposal or how to spice up your love life? HT City’s in-house astrologer gives you tips for this Valentine’s Day.

india Updated: Feb 14, 2012 00:48 IST
Hindustan Times

Aries have an active and vibrant spirit. Often you have to increase your pace to keep up with them. An outdoor picnic or some travelling might bring out the best in them this V-Day.
DON’Ts: Be tactful when you tell an Aries that he/she is wrong. They can be volatile. Aries are passionate, so beware of making them jealous.

They are artists by nature and love the beauty of living. They love to enjoy all that wealth you can offer them. Food, drinks, and anything art-related is sure to bring out the best in them.
DON’Ts: They don’t lose their tempers easily, but don’t push your luck. Just give them their own space and spend time together for a good day.

Geminis are highly intellectual and versatile. They constantly need to be mentally stimulated so make sure of your conversation skills. Humour and good communication is a sure way to find a place in a Gemini’s heart.
DON’Ts: Holding a Gemini back is a way to lose them, as they crave exciting changes all the time. Adapt yourself to their needs.

Being moody and sensitive is part of their nature. Cancerians love food, so if you can cook them a great meal and throw in a healthy dose of poetry and romance.
DON’Ts: Cancerians are sensitive and easily hurt. Treat their emotions with care. Respect their tried and tested routes of action and thought.

Respect your Leo partner by listening to his/her advice. Leos are easily won by flattery. Give them a chance to dress in their finest and find a place with tons of positive energy around to bring out the best in them.
DON’Ts: Be careful with their egos. Vanity is one of their drawbacks. They dislike gloom and depression.

Virgos have a deep sense of duty and are very methodical. Taking a keen interest in their passions will make your time together more enjoyable. A quiet evening together should do the trick.
DON’Ts: Virgos shun the limelight by nature so don’t push them into it. They hold fast to their secrets so learn to respect their privacy.

Librans crave harmony and balance in their relationship. They are usually beautiful and are won over by people who appreciate them. So, a few compliments are sure to set the mood right.
DON’Ts: Librans can sometimes be argumentative though they are kind at heart. So avoid getting into arguments, keep thi-ngs peaceful through the day.

Scorpios are full of passion and have tremendous drive for everything they do. They are loyal and grateful for anything good done for them. Tune into their wavelength if you want to enjoy their company. So, a good idea would be to explore one of his/her hobbies today.
DON’Ts: Scorpios are fiercely possessive. So, avoid jealousy.

Sagittarians are full of enthusiasm for life. There’s not really much you need to do to make them happier, although planning something special will make your day better. Exploring a new city might make them happy.
DON’Ts: They are fiercely independent and cannot tolerate restriction. So, let them enjoy their freedom.

DOs: A Capricorn’s outlook is built on a conservative and practical base, with social status being everything to them. Spending time together will win them over.
DON’Ts: Make thorough plans. Nothing puts a Capricorn off more than sloppiness. Since your they also happen to be economical, it might be best not to be extravagant.

A nice conversation on a passion of your partner’s would be a great way to start things off. Another good tip would be to reveal a side of yourself that will take your partner by surprise!
DON’Ts: They love to follow their own instincts so learn to respect their decision. Giving into your partner’s wishes might not be such a bad thing.

Being an artist at heart and a born dreamers, Pisceans love all forms of expression. So getting tickets for a concert is
sure to make them happy.
DON’Ts: Pisceans have other-worldly ambitions. The beauty of this trait is that the quality of your day together has nothing to do with money. If you can find something to stir their imagination, you’ve done your part.

First Published: Feb 13, 2012 18:43 IST