Vadodara limping back to normalcy

Curfew has been relaxed and Army withdrawn from some areas. Is the demolition of illegal shrines justified?

india Updated: May 06, 2006 14:06 IST

Signs of return to normalcy were seen in Vadodara on Saturday with a large number of people coming out of their houses during a four-hour relaxation of curfew from 8 am in three areas of the city.

The areas have not witnessed any major incident of violence since the last two days.

Army was withdrawn from Raopura and Karelibagh areas at 6 am on Saturday. But, it continued patrolling in Vadi, Navapura, city police station and Panigate areas.

Till Friday, the curfew relaxation was only for women and children. However, on Saturday morning all were free to get out of their houses in Panigate, Raopura and Karelibagh areas.

No major incident of violence has been reported in the last two days, police said.

Raman Patel, a shop-owner in Raopura said during earlier curfew relaxation, most of the shops used to remain closed as their owners live outside the curfew-bound areas. But it is different today, as many shops have opened due to curfew relaxation for all, he added.

In the areas of Vadi, city police station and Navapura, curfew relaxation will be allowed from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm, police said.

First Published: May 06, 2006 11:12 IST