Van Mela draws crowds

DESPITE VIOLENCE and curfew at some places in the City on Monday people thronged the ?Malwa Van Mela-07? at Gandhi hall on its last day on Tuesday.

india Updated: Feb 14, 2007 00:16 IST

DESPITE VIOLENCE and curfew at some places in the City on Monday people thronged the ‘Malwa Van Mela-07’ at Gandhi hall on its last day on Tuesday.

The fair incidentally recouped from minor mismanagement, rains and uneasy situation in the City prevalent on Monday on its own merit and was able to successfully draw in visitors and customers due to the novelty it has to offer.

Cheap and without side effects treatment on the pattern practiced by earlier was enough to convince many a Allopathic practitioners to give the Indian form of medication its due by at least giving it a try. Forest officials who have been organising the fair said those who visited the earlier two fairs had come in for the third time thus vouching for the efficacy of natural drugs.

Most of the stall owners selling medicines and medicinal herbs were themselves ‘vaidyas’ (some even those who have left MBBS like Dr Divya Bharti Sharma from Kareli, Narsinghpur) and were part of the consultants seated at the entrance and treating people with indigenous and often unique methods.

Most of the stall owners were giving out free samples of medication for some common ailments like eye drops ‘do bund roshni ki’ and digestives ‘churn’ Some were checking ‘nadi’ (pulse) and giving out the medical condition of the patient based on the Ayurvedic classification of ‘vak, pitt and cough’, the ‘dosh’ or imbalance of, which causes diseases.

‘Vaidyas’ and ‘hakims’ gave guarantees for effective treatment of diseases like diabetes, mellitus, hemiplegia/hemoplegia, paralysis, prolapsunal fissure, sciatica, leucofihoea, prostate, orchitis, sinusitis of the knee joint, rheumatism, indigestion, anorexia, migraine, hair loss, memory loss, amoebasis, influenza, jaundice, TB, epilepsy and last but not the least of impotency.

Another attraction to this year’s fair has been the sale of medicinal plants, roots and other things having recuperatory power and found in the wild. People showed a lot of interest in the medicinal plants available in pots along with a sign naming the species and its uses.

The public and stall owners alike were happy over purchase and sale, and the Forest Department was elated over the success and the fair ended amidst cultural performances with the note of betterment as promised by Forest Minister Himmat Kothari during the opening ceremony.

First Published: Feb 14, 2007 00:16 IST