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This refers to the report Delhi kickstarts direct cash transfer scheme (January 2).
Hindustan Times | By, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JAN 04, 2013 10:40 PM IST

The cash transfer scheme alone cannot benefit the poor
This refers to the report Delhi kickstarts direct cash transfer scheme (January 2). By announcing the direct cash-transfer scheme, the Congress government in Delhi is just wasting taxpayers’ money in appeasing a section of the voters, as elections are due in Delhi later this year. Can it assure voters that the money meant for the poor will reach them on time? Moreover, distributing cash to the poor alone won’t solve their problems. They must be provided with shelters during winters and some employment opportunities too.
-CP Chinda, via email

Politics has never given India joy
Gopalkrishna Gandhi in The essential India (Incidentally, December 29) correctly states that politics failed to give India joy in 2012. Several corruption cases came to light, Parliament was not allowed to function smoothly, many key policies did not see the light of day and towards the end of the year, the State failed to manage the Delhi protests. Politicians in India care only about themselves. Very few among them listen to the people who elect them to power. I would say that not just 2012, but since 1947, politicians in our country have not given joy to the nation. Sadly, the future doesn’t look any better either.
-Mayank Kumar, via email

Gandhi feels that the future of India is bright after a Tamil schoolgirl tells him her name in Khariboli. But India will achieve real unity only when a schoolgirl in western UP starts speaking Tamil fluently. We encourage our children to learn foreign languages like Spanish, French and German. But we don’t encourage them to learn different regional languages.
-Kajal Chatterjee, via email

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