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Rushdie got it all wrong, ours is a mature and tolerant society

india Updated: Sep 20, 2012 22:33 IST
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Rushdie got it all wrong, ours is a mature and tolerant society
The editorial Ban, a bane of free society (Our Take, September 19) unfortunately agrees with Salman Rushdie’s view that Indian society is becoming increasingly intolerant. I don’t agree with this view. Rushdie has no authority to make such comments. Ours is a mature and tolerant society. Had this not been true, there would not have been hue and cry over the arrest of a Jadavpur Univ-ersity professor for circulating a cartoon of West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee. Moreover, the support that people showed for cartoonist Aseem Trivedi shows that they support freedom of speech.
-SK Wasan,Noida

Popularise organ donation
This refers to K Srinath Reddy’s article The gift of a lifetime (September 19). It is unfortunate that the country is still lagging behind several countries as far as organ donation is concerned. This dismal state of affairs can be attributed to a lack of awareness among the people of the county. For instance, many people are not aware of skin donation. Donated skin can be used for grafting for patients with burn injuries. Thus, there’s an urgent need to create awareness and popularise organ donation.
-Aparajita Kotlia, Dehradun

Don’t let politics play spoilsport
This refers to the report Bhupathi ban: It’s personal and it’s ugly (September 19). The All-India Tennis Association’s decision to impose a ban on doubles specialists Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna from playing Davis Cup for two years for their refusal to partner Leander Paes in this year’s London Olympics reeks of authoritarianism. It’s high time the sports ministry intervenes and ensures that sportspersons are not made to suffer at the hands of sports officials. The government should also ensure that these sports bodies are headed only by sportspersons.
-Gulshan Kumar,via email

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First Published: Sep 20, 2012 22:31 IST