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Everyone seems to have an opinion on water. Whether is it on the shortages or sharing, water evokes passions.

india Updated: Jun 21, 2003 17:04 IST

Everyone seems to have an opinion on water. Whether is it on the shortages or sharing, water evokes passions.

Read on to find out what people had to sayin response to the various question we have been, and continue to pose to our surfers.

If global warming causes Ganga to disappear how would you react?
Most say they will be shattered emotionally, while one begs to differ.

Do you think the annual tokenism of World Environment Day is enough to ensure a sustainable future?
A single response - says its time we gave back to nature what we have grabbed from her.

We all understand what productivity per hectare means in agriculture. But do we understand what productivity per unit of water consumed means? Your comments.
A single response - advocates the concept of marginal value of water.

How do you think the usage of pesticides should be regulated so that it doesn't pollute groundwater?
Go "organic" and use pesticides sparingly, say all.

45 per cent of India's potentially usable water is ground water which is increasingly getting polluted. How can this be checked?
Take theindustrial and agriculture sectors to task, say most.

Environmentalists are alarmed at President Kalam, a scientist, giving a nod to the issue of interlinking of river basins. Do you agree?
Yes, most surfers are with President Kalam.

Chlorination only kills microbes in water. Reverse osmosis is touted to be a surer way of water purification. Your comments.
No, most surfers believe it is not a viable option.

Should the treatment and recycling of sewage water be privatised?
All surfers agree almost entirely with the idea.

Would you vote a political party out of power on the issue of non-availability of potable water?
Yes, say all.

Environmentalists world over are opposed to big dams. Government establishments believe they are vital to development. Do you agree? Why?
No. Most readers seem to be aware of the devastating effect of big dams on the environment.

Do you think linking rivers into a network of countrywide canals is a solution to the drought problem?
Yes, say all.

Do you think the Government's move to charge a fee for underground water is fair?
Overwhelming vote goes against charging a fee for groundwater.

Do you think access to clean drinking water be made a fundamental right?

Do you think any factory poisoning underground water should be taken to a consumer court by affected individuals?

On what basis would you like states to share river waters - population, the length a river traverses in the state, or other parameters?
Divided opinion

What is your solution to the Kaveri dispute?
Depends on which side of the Kaveri you reside on!

Do you think water should be privatised to bring in better management?
Many readers agree.

An average Indian household pays Rs 100 as its monthly water bill. If you are assured that your water supply will improve will you pay Rs 300? And why?
If services improve, why not?

Is the commercial use of Ganga as bottled drinking water acceptable to you?
Yes. Nothing wrong in it, say most.

Do you think water disputes will cause wars in the near future?
Many fear so.

Given the turbulent relations between India and Pakistan, do you think India should discontinue sharing Indus waters? And why?
No, seems to suggest most, but not all.

First Published: May 31, 2003 18:32 IST