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Wanna get J.Lo's glutes? Check here

How many times have you wished you had J.Lo's glutes or Madonna's thighs? New York based celebrity trainers reveals the drills.

india Updated: Jan 11, 2007 14:32 IST

How many times have you wished you had J.Lo's glutes or Madonna's thighs? Well now you can for New York-based celebrity trainers have finally revealed the drills they use to get their famous clients in top form.

Celebrity or not, consistency is the best way to tone up. "The biggest success stories that I've seen are those people that have a good plan and they stick to it," Mike Monroe, fitness director and personal trainer for, who has counted Sean (Diddy) Combs and Richard Dreyfuss among his clients, was quoted by the Daily News, as saying.

J.Lo's Glutes

Local personal trainer Juris Kupris knows how you can firm up your butt and look cute doing it — the curtsy lunge. "You're basically crossing one leg back, just like a curtsy, and bending the back knee down to the ground," he says. "That really gets into the glute area." Just hold the back foot on its toes, and lower that knee into a lunge a few inches from the ground while you hold the one in the front still. Then push up from your heel.

Madonna’s Thighs

"Everybody has seen pictures of Madonna running," Monroe says. "So I think it's a combination of some cardio that requires the leg muscles to be used and some type of weight training."

Want your legs to look like the Material Mom's? Monroe recommends several exercises in addition to running. "One would be some type of squat with dumbbells, not heavy weight, but higher repetitions so that you promote building lean muscle mass," he says. Alternating reverse lunges with or without weights also works. "The third would be stepping up to a bench, either weighted or unweighted. That combination is going to really work the three muscles of the leg."

First Published: Jan 08, 2007 21:27 IST