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We need online Earth movement

US refuses to sign the Kyoto protocol and continues to be the biggest polluter on this planet, reports Puneet Mehrotra.

india Updated: Nov 09, 2006 18:52 IST

"The earth has enough to satisfy everybody's need but not anybody's greed."
- Mahatma Gandhi

The Earth's murder

I just finished reading the WWF report on the depletion of our natural resources and the unprecedented decline of our environmental assets. Did you know that by 2050 at the current rate of so-called development, we will need two earths to satisfy our needs?

Today, we consume 25 per cent more than our planet can restore. The biggest problem is the development benchmarks in the rising consumptive lifestyles.

According to the report, the biggest defaulter is the US (it even refuses to sign the Kyoto protocol and continues to be the biggest polluter on this planet) followed by other developed nations like Canada and Australia.

The entire world will have to bear the costs and the biggest brunt will be borne by the poor nations.

For the developing nations, aping the highly consumptive American lifestyle is a benchmark of so-called development and all this leading to further environmental degradation.

It is highly unlikely the governments would sacrifice development for environment. The only hope is imparting information to the citizen and empowering him to do his bit.

The biggest information network of the world, the World Wide Web is playing a very constructive role in this regard and I guess its the only hope.

Save Earth the 'www' way

86,600,000 is the number of results Google fetches for "Save Earth". The result is an extremely positive mandate by the biggest democracy of the world, the Internet. "Save Our Earth and Make a Difference" is the theme.

Dump the cards and other sundry ecards sites have probably saved more trees than any Save Trees Movement.

When was the last time you sent a paper card? Go the ecards way. It's cleaner, healthier and more musical!

Sign the Earth petition

"Is your Earth worth the cost of a postage stamp?" says The site asks you to send a letter, email or fax to tell the governments that you will no longer ignore rainforest destruction and that action needs to be taken now to end this catastrophic crime against the Earth.

I, the citizen

The Save Earth Movement on the web isn't restricted to NGOs and environment groups. It is the common web citizen who is also making his effort and doing his bit.

Sites like are efforts by individuals to do their bit. By the way did you know that you can save an average of 9 gallons of water if you turn the faucet off while you're brushing your teeth! Dinopal's site taught me that.

The other view

While searching for environment sites, I came across a very interesting site with an alternative The theme is Save the Earth from the Environmentalists and hasquotes by Ayn Rand. The site has some well written articles.

There is also an article titled 'Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide.'

It reads something like this: "A review of the research literature concerning the environmental consequences of increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide leads to the conclusion that increases during the 20th Century have produced no deleterious effects upon global weather, climate, or temperature.

Increased carbon dioxide has, however, markedly increased plant growth rates. Predictions of harmful climatic effects due to future increases in minor greenhouse gases like CO2 are in error and do not conform to current experimental knowledge."

Nature's fury

All very beautifully articulated, but my friend play with nature as much as you want. When nature starts its play none of us would be left. The tsunami and other weather disasters being witnessed in the last few years are just the trailer. Lets hope the movie never comes true.

It is you who can make a difference

You can join the save earth movement simply by doing your bit to save the environment. If you have run of out of ideas simply logon to or and form your own neighbourhood Environment Watch group.
or maybe form a carpool group. How about a 'no car' day? How about a Boss's Award for the fastest biker to the office? Use your imagination and help save the environment.

Puneet Mehrotra is a web strategist atwww.cyberzest.comand editswww.thebusinessedition.comor you can email him

First Published: Oct 25, 2006 22:16 IST