What a gag!
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What a gag!

Apropos of the news report, He is not going to apologise (May 26), there is no need for Aamir Khan to apologise.

india Updated: May 29, 2006 00:35 IST

Apropos of the news report, He is not going to apologise (May 26), there is no need for Aamir Khan to apologise. What he has said is reasonable and what any sane, forward-thinking citizen should stand by. Unfortunately, our politicians cannot hear the voices of reason and know only to rake up controversies where there are none.

Nitin Mathur
via email


Democracy provides for freedom of speech and expression. In that light, the political agitation against the screening of Aamir Khan movies in Gujarat is sheer nonsense. It yet again exposes the politicians’ erratic and vested interests — if that wasn’t already obvious with other decisions such as the new reservations policy. If nothing is done about such decisions, democracy will soon change into anarchism.
Vinita Abichandani
via email

It’s a caste, caste world

Only someone carrying a registered caste certificate issued by the government is recognised as a Dalit. But for the downtrodden to get caste certificates is a nebulous task for neither are most of them aware of the formalities involved nor do they have the capacity to grease the palms of our sarkari babus. And just for the record, the alleged ‘going rate’ for a caste certificate is upward of Rs 500, depending upon the area.

D Kumar


the way the UPA government has dealt with those protesting against reservations in educational institutions is really depressing. The students have maintained the democratic manners of protest. Instead of respecting their concern, the police lathi-charged them, while the ministers refused to meet them and the government made false promises. These students are the future of India. If India has to become a full-fledged developed nation, the job at hand lies in the hands of these students, not in those grubby hands of seasoned politicians.

Rahul Kumar

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First Published: May 29, 2006 00:35 IST