What does Madonna mean in Malawi?

Diva, maverick, humanitarian are some of its meanings , but

india Updated: Nov 02, 2006 16:52 IST

Words that might describe Madonna: diva, maverick, humanitarian. But in a language spoken widely in the African country of Malawi, her name takes on a new and unintentionally funny meaning.

"People started to say my name and they had never heard of Madonna," the 48-year-old singer, talking about her recent visit to Malawi, told AP Television in an interview Tuesday. "And, in Chichewa, the word madonna means `distinguished white lady,' so I think they got very confused."

Madonna's efforts to adopt a 13-month-old boy, David Banda, have set off a media storm. She and her husband, filmmaker Guy Ritchie, were granted an interim adoption order by Malawi's High Court last month.

The boy has joined her two children - daughter Lourdes, 9, and son Rocco, 6- in England. What is it like to have a little one again?

"It's nice," she said. "It's lovely. It's so great to hold him, you know, and he's just starting to walk. And just to see that - the whole world being new again- and to see the world through his eyes is wonderful."

Madonna has written a new children's book, Too Good to Be True, and said she wants to direct a movie and has a project in mind. She also has an NBC concert special set to air November 22. When asked if she would retire to focus on her children full time, a smiling Madonna replied, "No. I love my job."

First Published: Nov 02, 2006 16:52 IST