Woman gets herself abducted for ex-flame

A 31-year-old woman faked her own abduction that allegedly came to her in dreams, leaving her two children asleep back home, to win back ex-flame.

india Updated: Dec 08, 2006 19:38 IST

A 31-year-old woman is accused of faking her own abduction to win back an ex-boyfriend.

Gretchen Morales was arrested on Monday and charged with filing a false police report, child neglect and contributing to the delinquency of a child, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said.

Morales' baby sitter reported Morales was missing on Thursday after she arrived to find the front door unlocked and her not home, The Ledger of Lakeland reported on Tuesday.

Judd said Morales told detectives plans for the abduction came to her in dreams since she and her ex-boyfriend, Arnulfo Corpus, 33, split. Corpus is the father of Morales' 2-year-old daughter.

Her two children had been left alone and were still sleeping when the baby sitter arrived, and deputies searched the woods behind Morales' home for 12 hours on Thursday looking for her.

St. Petersburg police found her about 10 p.m. on Thursday after she called 911 from a drug store, claiming she had been abducted.

Detectives who interviewed her at a hospital didn't believe her story that two men grabbed her from her garage and forced her into a car.

First Published: Nov 23, 2006 18:43 IST