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Updated on Feb 10, 2008 10:24 PM IST
They met in one of the chatrooms and hit off well. She introduced herself as a married woman from Orissa, writes K Aravamudhan.
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They met in one of the chatrooms and hit off well. She introduced herself as a married woman from Orissa. To our man, she was the perfect companion: she lived in another state and, therefore, there was no danger of any emotional attachment. She too insisted that he never asks questions or try to get in touch. They exchanged their photographs, but with the understanding that they would not save them on their computers, but in their hearts. A level of understanding that only a married couple can achieve.

Things were moving smoothly but one day she disappeared. She returned after sometime to confess her ‘true’ story. She began by saying that she had lied about her marital status and had got married recently. She added that she was going to the US with her husband.

He was shell-shocked. She didn’t have answers about why she had kept her real identity hidden and denied him an opportunity to decide whether to chat or not. She justified this by saying that since both of them enjoyed their chat sessions, there was no question of feeling guilty. Meanwhile, a new family moved into a flat opposite our man’s home. While the lady seemed to resemble his ‘net-wife’, what intrigued him was their car’s number plate: it had an Orissa registration.

By now, our man had decided to end the relationship. But she wanted to carry on till her departure to the US. Oddly enough, he allowed her to be in touch. Probably, he wanted to her to say that the new ‘revelation’ was also untrue. But finally, he decided to stop it once and forever. And then she dropped another bombshell: “I want to tell you something,” she said and paused. Tired of her, he snapped back: “I don’t want to hear anything”. She replied, “if that’s so, no problem …” and disappeared.

That’s the last exchange they had and whenever he walked past the flat, he could not but help ask himself whether there was a connection between the car’s number plate and its owner. But with so many loose ends, how could he take a chance?

Did he hastily snap his ties with the lady when he could have waited for a split second more and let her finish what she wanted to say? Or, did the ‘person’ at the other end make a big fool of the man?

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