World can't watch Iran damage UN: Merkel

The German chancellor said Iran's refusal to freeze N-enrichment work as demanded by the Security Council was unacceptable.

india Updated: Sep 06, 2006 14:04 IST

The international community cannot stand back and watch Iran damage the UN nuclear authorities with its refusal to heed calls to suspend enrichment, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday.

Merkel said that Iran's response to an offer of incentives and refusal to freeze nuclear enrichment work as demanded by the UN Security Council was unacceptable.

"Iran's response is not satisfactory. We won't close the door to negotiations but we the international community won't stand by and watch as Iran harms the rules of the UN nuclear authorities," Merkel told German lawmakers in a speech.

First Published: Sep 06, 2006 14:04 IST