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Wound woes? Drink plenty of water

Drinking water may act as the simplest, cheapest and the most cost-effective remedy to cleanse wounds, says a study.
None | By Asian News International, Washington
UPDATED ON JUL 29, 2006 05:21 PM IST

Next time you get injured, just drink plenty of water to clean your wounds before taking a trip to a doctor's clinic - as a recent study by Australian researchers reveals that drinking water may certainly act as the simplest, cheapest and the most cost-effective remedy.

The research at the University of Western Sydney and Sydney South West Area Health Service, arose from an inquiry by community health nurses who needed evidence to support a common practice and belief that showering patients with leg ulcers was both safe and effective.

"In response we searched for studies done by others on cleansing wounds using the shower, however we were unable to locate any evidence to support the practice," said professor Rhonda Griffiths, from the UWS School of Nursing.

"So we conducted a six-week double blind, randomised controlled trial in South Western Sydney involving 35 patients with 49 wounds. None of the wounds cleansed with tap water showed signs of infection and we found no sign that the healing rate was slow," she added.

The analysis of the findings suggested that 'drinking excess of water' is certainly the most cost effective method of treating an injury.

"We came to the conclusion that where there is access to tap water that is suitable for drinking, it may be as effective – and certainly more cost effective – than other methods. Although the results need to be confirmed by a larger study, we believe that with this simple, yet robust, trial we have uncovered evidence that could save nurses' time, reduce costs and also make it easier to involve patients in their own self-care of wounds," said Professor Griffiths.

"This research shows how a clinical problem identified by working nurses, can promote research to then go on to inform existing practice," she added.

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