Year end emotions

The last week of December makes me nostalgic, contemplative, pessimistic and optimistic, writes Shalini Kathuria Narang.

india Updated: Dec 28, 2006 14:02 IST

The last week of December makes me nostalgic, contemplative, pessimistic and optimistic. I have often wondered why I feel the way I do. I cannot find an easy answer to the dichotomy of my emotions. Feelings are not governed or dictated by rationale. One of the most independent and emancipated entities, they are what they are. They come and go as and when they feel like. Very similar to uninvited guests, while some emotions enhance you with their company, others are just a brief interlude in the road of life. It is not easy to control the way you feel.

Rationally and practically, I know that besides a change in calendar in my rooms and the year ascension in the date that I enter in my checkbook or the school forms that I fill in for my daughter, there would not be another change with the dawn of the New Year. Yet, the prospect of the beginning of another year brings in a million thoughts of the events in the year gone by, hopes, and dreams for the year to come. I cannot help but contemplate and celebrate. Good, bad, happy and sad-my mind is filled with a million memories. Though far fetched, my hopes keep my spirits alive and kicking.

I know I am not alone in emoting this way. There are many others also who share my thoughts of seeking the significance of the year change while parallely wanting to enjoy the event for what it is worth.

Gyms in and around my city are promoting special programs in an attempt to cash on the trend of New Year Resolutions. I do not remember which one I made last year and though I think, I will give the exercise a pass this time, I am not sure if I will not be tempted at the last second to think about something.

The cover stories of major magazines and news channels also confirm that year-end is a big event in media houses. Publications go all out to compile the best stories of the year. I am sure work on printing lists of significant events and achievers of the year commences months in advance to make the last week of December interesting reading.

As a very smart and perceptive editorial decision, the reputable Time magazine made "You" as the person of the year. Since tech savvy have made exchange of content and information as a two-way path, the magazine decided to give this year's enviable award to the blogers of the world. Digital democracy got a high five and content sharing on the Internet received big thumbs up.

Non-believers or non-celebrators amongst us consider this event as another media promoted commercial exercise of merry making. I cannot say they are completely wrong. Yearend parties and celebrations are mostly a night of bacchanalian revelry. In desi circles, New Year celebrations are marked by shaking a leg on hit Bollywood beats of the year followed by a sumptuous Indian banquet.

Moderation for their safety is the buzzword promoted amongst the youth on this day of late night partying and drinking. While revelries and rejoicings that promotes and propagates, camaraderie and laughter are very vital to souls and societies, equally important are safety of all.

Anyways, have a Happy, safe and healthy New Year and many more to come.

First Published: Dec 28, 2006 14:02 IST