IPL 2017, Highlights: Shreyas Iyer’s brilliance helps Delhi Daredevils seal tense win vs Gujarat Lions
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IPL 2017, Highlights: Shreyas Iyer’s brilliance helps Delhi Daredevils seal tense win vs Gujarat Lions

Shreyas Iyer’s 57-ball 96 guided Delhi Daredevils to a stunning two-wicket win over Gujarat Lions in an IPL 2017 encounter at Kanpur. Get full cricket score of Gujarat Lions vs Delhi Daredevils here

ipl 2017 Updated: May 11, 2017 01:11 IST
Sidharth Gulati
Sidharth Gulati
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
IPL 2017,Gujarat Lions vs Delhi Daredevils,Live Cricket Score
Shreyas Iyer’s 96 guided Delhi Daredevils to a stunning two-wicket win over Gujarat Lions in an IPL 2017 game at Kanpur. Get full cricket score of Gujarat Lions vs Delhi Daredevils here (BCCI )

Riding on Shreyas Iyer’s brilliant knock, Delhi Daredevils sealed a two-wicket win vs Gujarat Lions in an IPL 2017 game on Wednesday. Chasing a massive target of 196, DD were reeling at 121/6 but Iyer and Pat Cummins’ quickfire 61-run stand guided the visitors home with two balls to spare. This was DD’s fifth win of the season. Earlier, Aaron Finch’s 39-ball 69 powered GL to 195/5. Get full cricket score of Gujarat Lions vs Delhi Daredevils here. (SCORECARD | STREAMING)

23:59 hrs IST: That’s it. Thank you for joining us. Until next time, it’s goodbye. Cheers!

Shreyas Iyer (Man of the Match): “I’d have been more happy with finishing the game. I wasn’t thinking much about my hundred, i decided at the start I would bat till the end. Hundred doesn’t matter, winning the game does. I was just trying to time the ball, was getting the ball in my areas. two matches left, let’s hope I get two more Man of the Matches.”

Zaheer Khan: “Feels really good to fall on the right side of the result. It’s understandable, felt the energy was low, out of the playoffs but we’re a professional side. You have to take these things stride and keep working harder. We’d want to win both games, finish on a high.”

Suresh Raina: “Iyer batted really well. Every over they got 12-14 runs, that was our mistake. Losing a lot of close games. I enjoyed the game. Wicket played really well later on, gave them too many loose balls.”

23:37 hrs IST: FOUR! What a finish! DD beat GL by two wickets. Mishra hits the winning runs.

23:36 hrs IST: FOUR! Full-toss from Thampi, Mishra comes down the track and hits it through mid-wicket. DD need 3 off 3.

23:35 hrs IST: WICKET! Heartbreak for Iyer. Falls four short of a well-deserved century. DD need 7 off 4.

23:34 hrs IST: Double for Iyer. Actually, it’s leg-byes. Crucial runs. No matter how they come. DD need 7 off 5.

23:33 hrs IST: Thampi to bowl the final six balls.

23:32 hrs IST: Good finish from Faulkner. Dot ball. DD need 9 off 6. Are we in for a super over?

23:31 hrs IST: FOUR! Much needed boundary for the visitors. Raina isn’t impressed. DD need 9 off 7.

23:30 hrs IST: Excellent bowling from Faulkner. Hitting the right length. DD need 13 off 8.

23:29 hrs IST: Dot ball. Pressure on Iyer now. DD need 14 off 9.

23:27 hrs IST: OUT! Cummins c Smith b Faulkner 24(13). DD need 14 off 10

23:25 hrs IST: Faulkner to bowl the second last over.

23:24 hrs IST: Great over from Thampi in context of the game. Eight runs off it. DD need 15 off 12.

23:20 hrs IST: FOUR! That’s fifty run partnership between Cummins and Iyer (off just 19 balls). What a turnaround! DD need 23 off 18.

23:17 hrs IST: SIX! Length delivery from Faulkner and Cummins lifts it over long-on for a maximum.

23:13 hrs IST: Iyer on fire! Smashes Dhawal for three successive boundaries. DD well and truly back in the hunt.

23:11 hrs IST: FOUR! Full and straight from Sangwan, Cummins gives himself some room and places it well in the gap between cover and mid-off. DD need 58 off 30.

23:09 hrs IST: DD missing a certain name - Chris Morris.

23:07 hrs IST: Consecutive boundaries from Iyer. Moves to 66. Can he win it for DD?

23:04 hrs IST: OUT! Brathwaite c & b Dhawal 11(10)

23:00 hrs IST: Two boundaries in the over, both from Brathwaite. DD need 77 off 42.

22:57 hrs IST: Jadeja to bowl his final six balls.

22:56 hrs IST: Twelve runs and wicket off Thampi’s second. DD require 86 off 48.

22:53 hrs IST: WICKET! Another run-out and it’s from the same man - Ravindra Jadeja. Anderson goes cheaply. DD in all sorts of trouble.

22:50 hrs IST: Good over from Jadeja despite the boundary off the first ball. Just six runs off it. DD need 98 off 54.

22:48 hrs IST: FOUR! And that’s fifty for Iyer. Magnificent innings from the Mumbaikar. Needs to stay till the end.

22:45 hrs IST: WICKET! Brilliant piece of fielding from Jadeja. Direct hit from point and he gets rid of Samuels.

22:42 hrs IST: Nine runs off Jadeja’s second. DD are 82/3 after 9 overs.

22:40 hrs IST: SIX! Tossed up from Jadeja and Iyer launches it over long-on boundary.

22:37 hrs IST: Marlon Samuels is the new batsman at the crease

22:36 hrs IST: WICKET! Nair c Smith b Faulkner 30(15)

22:31 hrs IST: A switch hit! Nair gets another boundary as hits Jadeja to third man fence. DD 71/2 in 7 overs

22:28 hrs IST: Three boundaries in a row from Nair. Moves to 25 off just 10. Expensive over from Smith. 17 runs off it. DD are 64/2 after 6 overs.

22:25 hrs IST: SIX! Overpitched from Thampi, Nair backs away and lofts it over long-off. DD are 47/2 after 5 overs.

22:22 hrs IST: FOUR! Fuller delivery from Thampi, was looking for a yorker, Iyer flicks it off his pads to deep mid-wicket boundary.

22:21 hrs IST: Thampi now.

22:20 hrs IST: Single off the last ball for Iyer. Moves to 11. DD are 32/2 after 4 overs.

22:18 hrs IST: FOUR! Short of a length, Iyer makes room and smashes it over backward point region.

22:15 hrs IST: Seven runs off Dhawal’s second. DD are 22/2 after 3 overs.

22:10 hrs IST: WICKET! Pant run out (Raina) 4(3).

22:08 hrs IST: FOUR! Too short from Sangwan and Pant pulls it through mid-wicket for his first boundary.

22:07 hrs IST: Rishabh Pant is in at No. 3

22:06 hrs IST: WICKET! Sangwan gets rid of the Big Fish. Samson goes for 10(7).

22:04 hrs IST: DD are 7/0 after first over.

22:02 hrs IST: FOUR! Good length delivery from Dhawal and Samson just helps it through cover for his first boundary.

22:01 hrs IST: Samson to take strike. Dhawal to start the proceedings for GL.

22:00 hrs IST: Welcome back!

21:45 hrs IST: FOUR! That’s it. GL finish on 195/5. Brilliant knocks from both Finch and Karthik. We’ll be back in a few minutes time.

21:42 hrs IST: So far so good for DD. Just four runs off the first three balls.

21:40 hrs IST: Pant has suffered a finger injury. He is off the field and Sanju Samson has taken over the wicket-keeping gloves. But he’ll bat.

21:37 hrs IST: Shami ends with 1/36. GL are 184/5 after 19 overs.

21:36 hrs IST: WICKET! And Finch departs after a gutsy 69. First wicket of the night for Shami.

21:35 hrs IST: FOUR! Full-toss from Shami and Jadeja whips it away to deep mid-wicket boundary. Moves into double figures.

21:34 hrs IST: Shami to bowl the penultimate over.

21:33 hrs IST: Dot ball to finish off. GL are 176/4 after 18 overs.

21:31 hrs IST: Consecutive boundaries from Finch. He is in some form.

21:29 hrs IST: Cummins comes back into the attack.

21:27 hrs IST: Poor bowling from Brathwaite. Gives away two boundaries off the last three balls of his spell. Finishes with figures of 1/38. GL are 164/4 after 17 overs. Can they get to 200?

21:25 hrs IST: SIX! And that’s fifty for Finch off 32 balls. What an innings from the Australian!

21:24 hrs IST: OUT! Karthik c Anderson b Brathwaite 40(28)

21:21 hrs IST: Double off the last ball for Finch. Moves to 49. GL are 148/3 after 16 overs. Second strategic time-out.

21:19 hrs IST: SIX! Short of a length from Zaheer, Finch gets into position and pulls it hard over square leg boundary.

21:17 hrs IST: GL have won only one match out of 12 while batting first in their two IPL seasons

21:15 hrs IST: Zaheer Khan to bowl his final over.

21:14 hrs IST: Finch has moved into the 40s. GL 134/3 after 15 overs.

21:11 hrs IST: Another costly over from Shami. 11 runs off it. GL are 126/3 after 14 overs.

21:09 hrs IST: SIX! Length delivery from Shami and Karthik smacks it straight down the ground for a maximum.

21:06 hrs IST: Two boundaries in 13th over and that brings up the 50-run stand between Finch and Karthik. The duo need to hang in till the end. GL are 115/3.

21:02 hrs IST: Decent over from Cummins. Just five runs off it. GL are 103/3 after 12 overs.

20:58 hrs IST: Seven runs off Anderson’s second. GL are 98/3 after 11 overs.

20:56 hrs IST: FOUR! Touch short from Anderson, Karthik steps out and slaps it in the gap between cover and mid-off. Top shot!

20:54 hrs IST: First over without a boundary for GL. Six runs off it. They are 91/3 after 10 overs. Finch 23*, karthik 15*

20:51 hrs IST: Brathwaite comes in for his second over.

20:48 hrs IST: SIX! Flighted delivery from Mishra, Finch gets down on one knee and creams it over long-off. GL are 85/3 after 9 overs. It’s time-out.

20:46 hrs IST: SIX! Too short from Mishra, Finch rocks back and hammers it into deep mid-wicket stands.

20:43 hrs IST: Eight runs off Brathwaite’s first over. GL are 70/3 after 8 overs.

20:40 hrs IST: Gujarat Lions are 62/3 after 7 overs. Karthik 9*, Finch 1*

20:37 hrs IST: Aaron Finch is in at No. 5

20:36 hrs IST: OUT! Mishra strikes. Removes the dangerous looking Kishan for 34(24). GL in all sorts of trouble.

20:33 hrs IST: Dinesh Karthik gets off the mark with a boundary. GL are 50/2 after 6 overs.

20:31 hrs IST: WICKET! Raina b Cummins 6(5).

20:28 hrs IST: Pat Cummins now.

20:27 hrs IST: Single for Kishan. Moves to 26. GL are 39/1 after 5 overs.

20:25 hrs IST: LUCKY! Touch wide from Zaheer, Kishan looks to drive it through cover but instead gets an inside edge that runs away to fine-leg boundary.

20:23 hrs IST: Expensive over from Shami. 10 runs and a wicket. GL are 31/1 after 4 overs.

20:20 hrs IST: SIX! Full delivery from Shami, down leg, Kishan uses the pace of the ball and hits it over deep backward square leg for a maximum.

20:19 hrs IST: Raina is the next man in.

20:17 hrs IST: WICKET! Terrible mix-up and the in-form Smith is run-out for 8(8).

20:15 hrs IST: Six runs off the over. Kishan moves into double figures. GL are 21/0 after 3 overs.

20:13 hrs IST: FOUR! Too full from Zaheer and Kishan clips it off his pads past the mid-wicket region.

20:12 hrs IST: Zaheer to continue.

20:11 hrs IST: Leg Bye to finish off. GL are 15/0 after 2 overs. Smith 7*, Kishan 5*

20:10 hrs IST: Shami struggling to find his rhythm. Two wides.

20:08 hrs IST: FOUR! First boundary for Kishan. Fullish delivery from Shami, Kishan opens the bat face and times it well in the gap between cover and point.

20:06 hrs IST: Shami comes into the attack.

20:05 hrs IST: Single off the last ball for Smith. GL are 7/0 after first over.

20:04 hrs IST: Kishan gets off the mark. Fuller length and the southpaw helps it to mid-off for a run.

20:03 hrs IST: Another length delivery from Zaheer. This time Smith works it to mid-wicket for a single.

20:02 hrs IST: FOUR! Length ball from Zaheer, on pads, Smith times it well past the fielder at square leg.

20:00 hrs IST: Dwayn Smith and Ishan Kishan make their way out in the middle. Zaheer to bowl the first over for DD.

19:58 hrs IST: It’s time for live action.

19:47 hrs IST: Aaron Finch is now the fifth player from Gujarat Lions to play 25 or more matches in IPL.

19:40 hrs IST: James Faulkner has the most expensive wicketless figures against Delhi Daredevils (0/55) in IPL.

19:35 hrs IST: GL are unchanged. As for DD, Carlos Brathwaite replaces Kagiso Rabada.

19:34 hrs IST: Playing XI of both teams:

GL: Dwayne Smith, Ishan Kishan, Suresh Raina(c), Dinesh Karthik(wk), Aaron Finch, Ravindra Jadeja, James Faulkner, Dhawal Kulkarni, Pradeep Sangwan, Basil Thampi, Ankit Soni

DD: Sanju Samson, Karun Nair, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant(wK), Corey Anderson, Marlon Samuels, Carlos Brathwaite, Pat Cummins, Amit Mishra, Mohammed Shami, Zaheer Khan(c)

19:31 hrs IST: Delhi Daredevils have won the toss and have opted to bowl.

19:25 hrs IST: With eight points from 11 games, DD had held on a slender hope of qualifying for the play-offs but once SRH got the better of MI to move to 15 points, it was all over for Zaheer Khan’s men.

19:23 hrs IST: Toss in a short while.

19:18 hrs IST: Former WWE Tag Team champions to add wrestling’s perspective to IPL experience. Read here

19:15 hrs IST: Rishabh Pant needs just 21 runs to become the 15th DD batsman to complete 500 runs in IPL.

19:12 hrs IST: This is GL’s third IPL game in Kanpur. Last year, they defeated both KKR and MI at the venue.

19:10 hrs IST: Good evening and welcome to HT’s live coverage of the IPL 2017 encounter between Gujarat Lions and Delhi Daredevils.

With four wins and eight losses, Gujarat Lions have been hugely inconsistent this season. It is pertinent to mention that Suresh Raina’s men haven’t won a single match while batting first this season. In six matches Gujarat Lions have set a target and they’ve ended up on the losing side. (RESULTS)

On the other hand, Delhi Daredevils – with four wins and seven losses – can get to maximum 14 points but it still wouldn’t change the playoff scenario. (STANDINGS)

The last time both teams met this season, Rishabh Pant and Sanju Samson’s 143-run stand guided DD to a comfortable seven-wicket win at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium.

First Published: May 10, 2017 18:27 IST