Image shows a piece of watermelon with ketchup.(Twitter/@meownextdoor)
Image shows a piece of watermelon with ketchup.(Twitter/@meownextdoor)

Watermelon-ketchup combo irks people, some say it’s a ‘crime against fruits’

If you think Nutella Biriyani is the worst you saw this week, we present watermelon with ketchup.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
PUBLISHED ON MAY 31, 2020 06:26 PM IST

Just when some thought that there cannot be anything worse than Nutella Biryani, the Internet is back with another bizarre food combination. This time it’s watermelon with ketchup. Who would have thought that anyone could come up with the idea of combining this sweet summer fruit with this tangy-tasting condiment. However, someone did, and people are not particularly happy about it.

“Do you eat watermelon like this or are you normal??” asked a Twitter user and shared the image of this unusual – and some might say disgusting – dish.

Since being shared the post has gathered all sorts of reactions with many just writing the word “normal” to answer to the question asked by the original poster in the tweet.

“Reporting this under watermelon’s harassment,” wrote a Twitter user. Expressing the same notion, another person tweeted, “Crime against fruits.”

A Twitter user wrote, “Shook me from the core.” Jokingly to which, another person responded with several laughing out loud emojis.

There were some who shared memes and Gifs to express themselves. Using a famous dialogue from the film PK, starring Aamir Khan, one Twitter user shared:

Another person took help of a Gordon Ramsay to express how they feel about the dish:

Yet another Twitter user couldn’t help but share a Paatal Lok meme:

A few, however, expressed different thoughts and they admitted that this is the way they consume the fruit. A Twitter user wrote, “I normally eat like this only.” Another user of the micro-blogging site expressed that the combination looks “tempting.” Showcasing the same spirit, another person tweeted, “Yum.”

Where do you stand on the watermelon-ketchup debate? Is it “ew” or “yum”?

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