Abducted youth returns, cops net two plotters

The two accused took away the youth from park st police station area and held him captive at a hideout in Shalimar

kolkata Updated: Sep 17, 2012 15:21 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times

Following on leads in the wake of abduction of Taltala resident Upendra Ram from the Park Street police station area late Saturday afternoon, the sleuths on Sunday picked up a Shibpur youth and his associate in connection with the incident.

The arrested duo has been identified as Rahul Jain, a Shibpur resident and his associate Trishal Dhara. The duo along with a couple of other associates reportedly picked up Ram from the Park Street police station area and prized him away to Shibpur in Howrah. Though Ram has since been rescued and is back in the comforting confines of his family, his kin had to make a hefty ransom payout of Rs. 1 lakh. Jain, the prime accused, reportedly plotted the abduction with a view to recovering the dues that he had run up. The sleuths haven’t yet recovered the ransom amount.

“During interrogation, Rahul claimed that Upendra borrowed Rs. 3.75 lakh from a friend of his in Dhanbad around a month-and-a-half back, on the premise of securing admission of a kin of the latter to a technical college. He said he later ran into him at a wedding event a month back and demanded the money he owed. However, Upendra denied borrowing any money,” an officer told HT. A former employee at a private airline, Upendra currently has certain business interests, the officer told HT.

“We are currently on the lookout for the other two associates, who continue to remain on the loose. The accused are all residents of Howrah,” an officer of Park Street police station told HT.

Jain and his associates held Ram at a hideout and called up Phoolchand Ram, the vicitm’s brother, to demand the ransom payout. Though he initially demanded Rs. 6 lakh for the youth’s release, they later settled on Rs. 1 lakh as the ransom payout. However, by the time they worked out a final ransom deal, the victim’s brother had already lodged a complaint with the police.

The investigating sleuths reportedly followed an SMS text sent by Upendra to his brother and the trail eventually led to the prime accused and his cohort. The SMS text reportedly had reference to the registration number of the car in which Upendra had been taken to his Shibpur hideout.

“Over the course of gathering further details on the registration number, we found that the vehicle had been registered in the name of a company located on 4 Chowringhee Lane. We went over to the office in the guise of agents of a financial company. Though the office had nearly closed for the day by the time we got there, we learned that the car had been used by Rahul,” an officer of Park Street police station told HT.

However, the sleuths were reportedly caught in a dilemma as to whether this was the same Rahul they were after. “But that was before we intercepted a call to Phoolchand’s mobile phone and the person on the other end of the wire called out Rahul and asked for a bottle of water. That was when we were convinced that this was the same Rahul we were after,” the officer said.

The accused held Upendra captive at a Shalimar hideout and beat him up too. He was later released upon payment of the ransom amount.

First Published: Sep 17, 2012 15:16 IST