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Best side tables: Your go-to stylish small furniture where you can place everyday items with ease

May 17, 2024 06:14 PM IST

Best side tables: They often go unnoticed but no living room or bedroom is complete without them. Take a look at 7 of the best side tables available on Amazon.

A clutter-free home (or workplace) is what we all like - large open spaces that are airy and aesthetic at the same time. Often big furniture like a sofa or a dining table takes up so much space that one is left with very little room for any other secondary furniture say like bench, a console table, or a book shelf etc. However, one sort of a small furniture that can easily be adjusted or moved around is a side table. Often inconspicuous, a side table is an essential piece of furniture in any home.

Best side tables: Check out our collection that are differentiated by design and material.
Best side tables: Check out our collection that are differentiated by design and material.

How often does it happen that you are by your bed or a living room sofa and need to keep the book you are reading somewhere, not far from where you are seated but can't do so? A side table can work wonders in such situations. Or imagine a scenario where you have arranged a bunch of flowers but don't know where to place them? Here too, a side table tucked away in a corner can be your solution. Or for that matter, when your study table or work desk drawers are full but you still need to stash those everyday essentials? A good side table, some times with drawers, can save the day. A side table may be a tiny furniture and escape notice but it is very functional and can also add to the composite decor of your home or small office.

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The good news is that in the digital era, you don't have to step out to buy one, if you are keen. At the click of a button, you can get a world of choices right on your smartphone screen. We have shortlisted some of the best side tables, currently available on Amazon, just for you. Do take a look and we are certain, you will like some of them.



This is a charming piece of furniture - a small side table that can used in many different ways. Love indoor plants but have been wondering where to place them? This side table can be your answer to place your planter on. Have it by your sofa and you can easily display your artefacts. At other times, it can be part of your kids' room furniture too. You can also use it creatively as your balcony table or coffee or tea table. The descriptor calls it is a foldable table (though this writer could find nothing on the Amazon page to illustrate this fact), its non-regular shape with white top and wooden legs add to its allure. Made of Mango wood, this functional and elegant furniture can fit into any space. It is available in another variant (black top) as well. Most of the customer reviews are favourable.

Specifications of UHUD CRAFTS Beautiful Antique Wooden Fold-able Side Table:

Material: High-quality antique wood

Design: Round shape with intricate detailing

Functionality: Foldable for easy storage

Dimensions: Compact size suitable for various uses

Versatility: Can be used as a side table, plant stand, stool, or kids' play table

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
  • Multifunctional: Serves multiple purposes, enhancing its utility
  • Weight Capacity: May not support very heavy items
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Antique design adds a touch of elegance to any room
  • Stability: Foldable design might be less stable than fixed tables

This end table is a goood example of small yet tall side table. A practical small furniture, it can be creatively used almost anywhere in the house - living room, bedroom, office, bathroom. Use it in multiple wasy – as a nightstand, living room accent, or office and bathroom organizer. Its rustic brown and black combination adds a warm touch of any space. With its clean and understated design, it is sure to leave impressive imprint on the mind. Made of engineered wood and robust steel tubes, it is made to ensure. Ideal for tight spaces, this stylish piece seamlessly combines functionality with a touch of industrial charm. However, not all customers seem to be happy with the product. A look at the comments section reveals that some customers have to struggle with the wrongly drilled holes meant for the steel tubes to go in.

Specifications of VASAGLE Side Table

Material: Engineered wood with a rustic brown and black finish

Dimensions: Compact and tall design suitable for small spaces

Weight Capacity: Supports up to 44 pounds

Assembly: Easy to assemble with included instructions

Versatility: Suitable for use in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms


Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
  • Stylish Design: Rustic finish adds an industrial charm to any room
  • Surface Finish: Engineered wood may be prone to scratches
  • Multi-functional: Can be used as a side table, end table, or nightstand
  • Stability: Tall design might be less stable on uneven floors

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If you like your home to have a vintage shabby chic style, then this side table is for you. While the look is the way it is, the design and build is very sturdy - it boasts of a robust industrial design. This two shelves table has a greige (beige and gray) finish that complements any decor. r. This round end table includes two sturdy shelves, offering ample storage for living rooms or bedrooms. You can keep a bunch of small items - keep your smart speakers, the book you are reading, your kindle, your favourite flower vase, a photo frame, a lamp… the list could go on. Its metal frame gives you durability, while the engineered wood shelves add a rustic charm to the decor. Its assembly process is also simple and hence it can be a convenient choice for any home.

Specifications of VASAGLE Daintree Side Table

Material: Engineered wood shelves with a greige (beige and gray) finish, and a metal frame

Design: Industrial vintage style with a shabby chic touch

Shelves: Two spacious shelves for ample storage and display

Assembly: Easy to assemble with included instructions and tools

Dimensions: Compact round design, perfect for small spaces


Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
  • Durable Construction: Metal frame and engineered wood shelves ensure long-lasting use
  • Weight Capacity: May not support very heavy items
  • Versatile Style: Greige finish and vintage design blend well with various interior decors
  • Surface Finish: Engineered wood can be susceptible to scratches and wear over time

This set includes two elegant tables with a white marble pattern on wooden tops. It is supported by sleek golden frames. . The combination of the marble-patterned surface and the gold frame creates a sophisticated look. These circular tables add a touch of class to any space - living room or bedroom or study. Thanks to their circular design, they can fit into any small space. Another added attraction is its space saving design - when you don't want to use both the tables, the small one can easily made to slide under the larger one. Not only are they stylish, but their are functional too - use them as nightstands as well as side tables. Its modern, simple design see to it that it blends in with a variety of interior decor styles.

Specifications of aboxoo Coffee Table Nesting White Set of 2 Side Set

Material: Wooden tabletops with a white marble pattern and golden metal frames

Design: Nesting set of two circular tables for versatile arrangement

Style: Modern industrial with a simple, elegant aesthetic

Usage: Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, or apartments as side tables or nightstands

Dimensions: Different sizes for nesting, with one table larger than the other for easy storage

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
  • Space-Saving: Nesting design allows for compact storage when not in use
  • Weight Capacity: May not hold very heavy items securely
  • Stylish Look: Marble pattern and gold frame provide a chic, sophisticated appearance
  • Surface Care: Marble-patterned wood may require careful cleaning to avoid damage

5. ABOUT SPACE Wooden Side Table

Here's another side table option that is versatile and can be used in multiple ways - as night stand or as end table organiser. You can also use it as a DIY space saver storage organizer. Other than bedside furniture and as living room stool, you can also use it in the hallway or in the balcony. What's important is to get creative in the ways you want to use this side table. What's assured is its sturdy build and classy design. It also gives you ample storage for essentials. From books, bedside lamp, alarm clock, kindle to coffee and tea cups, you can place just about any of your everyday essentials. Made of quality particle wood it affords an exotic teak-frosty white finish. You can also use it as a console table in entryways and hallways.

Specifications of ABOUT SPACE Wooden Side Table

Material: Wood

Dimensions: L 47 x B 40 x H 42 cm

Functionality: Nightstand and end table organizer

Assembly: DIY (Do It Yourself)

Suitable for: Bedroom, living room, hallway

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
  • Space-saving design
  • DIY assembly may require time and effort
  • Versatile usage in various rooms
  • Limited colour or material options

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This side table is a classic example of mid-century modern design. This end table blends style and practicality. It has a sleek design with solid wood legs. It features a convenient drawer. This bedside table offers ample storage for home essentials while keeping your bedroom clutter-free. You can also use it as chic storage cabinet in the living room. This product has mostly received positive reviews on Amazon. It has a sturdy construction, is a good quality product and is easy to assemble. It is available in a number different colours - white, black, blue, brown, green and grey.

Specifications of Brown Art SHOPPEE Nightstands End Side Table

Material: Wood

Colour: White

Features: Drawer for storage

Leg Material: Solid wood

Dimensions: Not specified

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
  • Stylish mid-century modern design
  • Lack of specified dimensions may pose challenges for fitting into specific spaces
  • Versatile usage in bedrooms and living rooms
  • Limited colour options (only available in white)

Here's a versatile side table that marries functionality with timeless elegance. Its eye-catching round shape is sure to grab attention. With its a diameter of 12 inches, you can use it creatively. Ideal for the display of indoor plants or small artefacts, this side table can effortlessly complement various room layouts. Use it as a side table, end table, plant stand, tea table, or even a stool, its adaptability knows no bounds. Its compact size makes it perfect for smaller living areas, while its natural beauty adds warmth to any decor.

Specifications of Beautiful Wooden Side Table

Material: Wood

Shape: Round

Functionality: Side table, end table, plant stand, tea table, stool

Diameter: 12 inches

Ideal for: Living room furniture


Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
  • Versatile usage for multiple purposes
  • Limited surface area may restrict use for larger items
  • Compact size suitable for smaller living spaces
  • Potential for variation in wood grain and colour due to natural material

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Top 3 features of best side tables for you

Side TablesTable DesignFrame MaterialColour
UHUD CRAFTS Beautiful Antique Wooden Side TableFold-able, Round ShapeWoodAntique
VASAGLE Side TableSmall, Rustic Brown and BlackEngineered WoodRustic Brown
VASAGLE Daintree Side TableRound, Industrial Design, VintageMetalGreige
aboxoo Coffee Table Nesting White Set of 2 Side TableCircular, Marble PatternWoodenWhite
ABOUT SPACE Wooden Side TableDIY Space Saver, Rectangular ShapeEngineered WoodBrown
Brown Art SHOPPEE Nightstands End Side TableDrawer, Mid-Century Modern DesignSolid WoodWhite
Beautiful Wooden Side TableRound ShapeWoodWhite

Best value for money side table

VASAGLE Daintree Side Table

The VASAGLE Side Table offers exceptional value for money with its versatile use in various rooms and sturdy construction from engineered wood. Its rustic brown and black finish add a touch of elegance to any space, making it a stylish and functional addition to your home decor. Ideal for the living room, bedroom, office, or bathroom, it provides practical storage and surface space.

Best overall side table

UHUD CRAFTS Beautiful Antique Wooden Fold-able Side Table

The UHUD CRAFTS Beautiful Antique Wooden Fold-able Side Table offers a blend of versatility and vintage charm. Its round shape and foldable design make it adaptable for various uses, from a side table to a plant stand or even a stool. Crafted with attention to detail and antique aesthetics, it adds a touch of elegance to any living space while providing functional furniture for both adults and kids.

How to buy best side table in India?

When purchasing a side table in India, consider the material, functionality, and style. Opt for sturdy materials like solid wood or engineered wood for durability. Assess the table's purpose; whether it's for storage, decoration, or both. Finally, choose a design that complements your existing decor while reflecting your personal taste and lifestyle.

FAQs on best side table in India

What materials are commonly used for side tables in India?

Side tables in India are often crafted from materials like solid wood, engineered wood, metal, or a combination of these. Solid wood and engineered wood are popular choices for their durability and aesthetic appeal.

What are the ideal dimensions for a side table in India?

Side tables in India come in various sizes, but typically, dimensions around 45-60 cm in height and 40-60 cm in width are suitable for most spaces. Consider the available space and intended use when selecting the size.

How do I choose the right style of side table for my home in India?

Consider the existing decor style of your home when choosing a side table. For traditional interiors, opt for intricately carved wooden tables, while sleek and minimalist designs work well in modern settings. Industrial-style metal tables can add a contemporary touch.

Can side tables in India serve multiple functions?

Yes, many side tables in India are designed to serve multiple functions. Some feature drawers or shelves for storage, while others can be used as plant stands, stools, or even small coffee tables. Consider your specific needs and preferences when selecting a versatile side table.

How do I ensure the quality of a side table in India?

To ensure quality, inspect the construction and materials used. Look for solid joints, smooth finishes, and sturdy materials. Additionally, check customer reviews and ratings online to gauge the reputation of the brand or seller. Opting for reputable brands or trusted sellers can help ensure the quality of your side table purchase.

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