Summer interior design trends 2024: 7 decor ideas that will make your home feel cool and fresh - Hindustan Times

Summer interior design trends 2024: 7 decor ideas that will make your home feel cool and fresh

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Apr 14, 2024 02:18 PM IST

From intimate indoor ambience to nature-inspired mood boards, interior designer Punam Kalra shares seven summer decor ideas to make your home cool and fresh.

As Indian summers invite us to stay indoors and enjoy our surroundings, homes become havens of warmth and holiday vibes. With the days getting longer and temperatures rising, it's the perfect time to infuse your space with summer decor ideas. Whether you're longing for a tropical getaway or a serene retreat, summer-inspired designs offer limitless opportunities to revitalise your home. Experiment with vibrant colour palettes and incorporate light, airy materials to capture the essence of the season. Whether you opt for subtle changes in one corner or a bold transformation of the entire room, embrace the spirit of summer and create a refreshing sanctuary within your home. (Also read: Summer interior design trends 2024: 7 tips for infusing coastal vibes into your home décor )

Embrace the essence of summer indoors with a refreshing home makeover(Unsplash)
Embrace the essence of summer indoors with a refreshing home makeover(Unsplash)

7 trendy summer home decor ideas

Interior Designer Punam Kalra Creative Director of I'm the Centre for Applied Arts shared with HT Lifestyle seven summer decor ideas that will make your home feel cool and fresh.

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1. Set up an intimate indoor ambience

The brute of the summer sun calls for an escape—you can have that by creating your own bubble with singular, statement furniture pieces that tie the space together. Choose settees over sectional sofas, chandeliers over pendant lights, pedestal tables over side tables and closets over racks, to create a close-knit ball of comfort.

2. Go with nature-inspired mood boards

The home-bound times may take us away from nature—say otherwise by throwing hints of raw nature in the interior elements. Bring a tactile memory with rough cuts of the stones in the wall, veins of the live wood in the tables, grains of the ceramic in the accessories or a fresh whiff of organic dyes in the tapestries that reminisce the outdoor scenes.

3. Give life to the hushed colour palettes

The hushed, lighter tones can easily make the sun-bathed spaces look deserted—make them livelier with energized hues of neutral and pastel colours that keep up with the quietude of the season, without being overwhelming. Bring in a peach upholstered chaise, zest cocktail table, mint green console or an ice blue canvas to refresh the aesthetic with a mood unique to the colour.

4. Include a selection of breathable fabrics

The still summer air needs a space that it can breathe through—try stripping the space off the décor layers and keep things light. Get your hands on linen, cotton, chambray and more that are easy on everything from the upholstery to the drapery. You can keep things simple with solid sheer cotton or talk about exclusivity with dyed and block-printed patterns that are authentic and sustainable at the same time.

5. Get your hands on the handcrafted pieces

Handcrafted styles speak for the things that are both near and afar—something that is a local craft but seen only in a far-off summer retreat. Take a detour and bring them back to your space like a cocooning rattan armchair, basketed jute planters, caged bamboo pendants, looped hemp rugs and more that let you relive your holiday memories whilst cooling your space down with the restorative character of nature-based materials.

6. Make way for the vacay vibes

A regular home can be an ode to the vacation home when the elements make their way into the interior. While you can think big like setting up a cabana in your backyard—try to start small by adding a hammock to your deck or a patio furniture set to your porch. Recreate a nautical style statement with blue-white stripes in upholstery, shell studded embellishments in the tables or weather wood planks in the wall décor, to give something that you can indulge in, all day every day.

7. Don't forget the fresh greens

An indoor ambience gets fresh both by look and feel, when the greens are a part of it. You can sound exotic with tropical ferns and florals or keep things simple and practical with peace lilies, spider plants, and English ivies, among others. You can also house succulents like aloe vera, jade, cactus and more that stand the heat and come out as aesthetic greens, ideal for low-maintenance contemporary homes.

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