Jacqueline Fernandez(Instagram)
Jacqueline Fernandez(Instagram)

Jacqueline Fernandez hosts Instagram Live on health in 36.5k Celine T-shirt

  • This Celine T-Shirt that Jacqueline Fernandez sported has previously also been seen on Roddy Ricch who wore it in the 'STUNNAMAN' music video alongside Birdman and Lil Wayne. Can you spot it?
By hindustantimes.com | Written by Alfea Jamal, Hindustan Times, Delhi
UPDATED ON JUL 09, 2021 10:03 PM IST

Jacqueline Fernandez is riding high on the success of her second music video with Badshah, Paani Paani, after their 2020 song Genda Phool. The Kick actor recently hosted an Instagram Live with George St- Pierre and spoke about "all things health, fitness" and also to highlight the importance of "paying attention to your health and well-being."

Jacqueline looked as stunning as ever as she hosted the Instagram Live from her artsy home. Jacqueline sat against pop art, one featuring Marilyn Monroe as she spoke to St Pierre about health, fitness and everything in between. Jacqueline looked relaxed in a blue and white striped fill sleeved T-shirt along with denims, her short hair tied up in a half ponytail. The actor sported minimal rosey make-up and her usual winged eyeliner to complete her look.

Jacqueline wore the Celine Mariniere white and navy striped cotton print jersey which is priced on the brand's website at $490, this is approximately 36,500. The T-shirt comes in a relaxed fit, has long sleeves and a black outlined Celine Paris logo emblazoned across the front.


This Celine T-Shirt has previously also been seen on Roddy Ricch who wore it in the STUNNAMAN music video that also featured Birdman and Lil Wayne.

During the Instagram Live, Jacqueline spoke about many topics including taking ice baths to help muscle repair, saying, "I was shooting for like three huge songs in the span of one month and because I was in rehearsals and shoot, and post shoot back to rehearsals so I was continuously wearing and tearing my body. So, I made sure that I would get to an ice bath every single day after that, even though I hated it but like you said, you have to go through the pain and the best thing was in that whole month of just like crazy (routines) learning dance moves and I was doing like pole dancing and what not so just like crazy stuff and I didn't get even one injury."

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