Vidya Balan in a linen saree (Photo: Instagram/balanvidya)
Vidya Balan in a linen saree (Photo: Instagram/balanvidya)

Linen: Summer’s ultimate closet companion

Summer is all about striking that delicate balance between style and comfort
By Digvijay
PUBLISHED ON MAY 04, 2021 02:12 PM IST

Summer is all about striking that delicate balance between style and comfort. As we enter the peak of summer and sweltering heat, light and breezy fabrics are the go to choice. One such summer favourite is the linen fabric, known for its breathable structure and luxurious appeal. Be it a flowy saree or a tailored set, linen works perfectly for a summer-suited ensemble. Not only is it fashionable but also sustainable. The textile comes from fibres of the flax plant and is completely bio-degradable.

Designer Gaurav Khanijo, who has been using linen in his designs for 10 years, says, “Linen is the most breathable fabric and a natural conductor of heat. It stays cool in summer and warm in winter, works round the year for everybody. Not a lot of people know this but linen has thermal properties. It is also really good for skin, is anti-allergic, and has a high resistance to wear and tear, and will last long in your wardrobe.”

Linen farm shirts by Khanijo (Photo: Instagram/Khanijo)
Linen farm shirts by Khanijo (Photo: Instagram/Khanijo)

“It is a fabric with a lot of character for me; the texture of this textile is very interesting. People like textiles that are just flat, and wrinkle-free but linen is not that, it’s hard to work with but is definitely worth it. I started my brand Khanijo with linen.” he adds. Designer Aniket Satam seconds that while cautioning, “Linen is very easy to maintain but on the other hand it wrinkles a lot, it becomes hard to maintain a crisp look throughout the day. This is the only drawback that linen has.”

“Linen is a natural fabric and an appropriate choice for summers. It can be worn formally and informally, but works best for a daytime look. Linen sarees have been a trend of late and for men linen jackets. In terms of colour palette tan, camel, sea pastels and naturally dyed linen look pleasing,” adds Satam.

Style Linen 101

1.Create an oversized look with a loose linen shirt paired with tattered denim with strappy sandals.

2.White shirt with a linen jacket makes for a smart casual look. Remember to never tuck in your linen shirt.

3.Accessorise linen with natural elements like wicker bags and wooden bangles.

4.Linen tops with khadi or cotton shorts make for a nice beachy look.

5.Throw a T-shirt over linen pants for a brunch look.

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